Black eyed Peas and Pasta. (Generic Term) Invented By a Black Muslim Woman from the Capital of the Melting Pot of America

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All my life I have hated beans. The only beans worth eating to my estimation until I tried this dish were Pork and Beans with Hot Dogs. Karen, one of the staff at Superior Services here in Washington DC made some chili and Tri-colored pasta one night for us and my rocked my world. It was beyond delicious. The minute I saw it I was startled. I have had chili and rice a million times and it’s okay. But this was something else.

The moment I tasted it I knew that she had stumbled onto something. How do I describe it? It’s like candy. Protein enriched stomach filling warm candy. I guess everyone but me knew that beans are sweet. I guess I knew it too as Pork and beans are sweet. Get rid of the rice. And live. I mean really live.

Everyone at the table liked it, including Lori. Which in and of itself is a major miracle.

We all knew that we had just been introduced to a world changing idea. Beans and Pasta. Any beans and any pasta. It doesn’t matter. Just add a little sugar to the beans and you’ve got it made.

It has become a staple of the house. We even tried Black Eyed Peas and Curly Noodles. I ate it. And I loved it. Go figure.

You really can’t mess it up. I’ve had beans with Ramen Noodles that tasted great.

Tonight as I was eating my mixed vegetables, (they were sweet) I thought to myself that I wouldn’t mind these vegetables with some pasta. I’m telling you, you’ve got to try it. Ditch the rice. Chili and Pasta is where it’s at.

Gregory GOrDon

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