Garden of Eden Landscape Architectural Dwelling

Thank God for your System.

I have designed a solar powered dwelling place based on the Garden of Eden. It comes from me. The GOrDon of Enid. Mabel Enid Iona GOrDon. The landscape architecture that is the basis for the dwelling uses ground mount solar panels.


In Florida these dwellings will actually pay for their mortgages from the value of the Sunlight received and if scaled properly will pay the owners of the house up to 72,000 dollars a month for a 4 megawatt system. Naturally most people won’t be able to afford the down payment on such a system but millions of people can. And they will win big time.

For ordinary folk my basic housing design consists of two Shipping Container/Geodesic Dome units from that cost 70,000 dollars total including shipping. The design for the Landscape Architecture includes 100 kw of Solar Panels. The basic retail rate of pay from most power companies in the United States is $0.10 per kilowatt hour.

Here is the Math.

We calculate 50% of the total wattage of the units as the total amount of Sunlight available. So our 100 kw system is only worth 50 kw hrs. There are 720 hours in a 30 day month. So the maximum money making potential for our 100 kw system is $ 3,600 if we use enough electricity to warrant the FPL paying us for 36,000 kw hours of electricity use. Most average home owners won’t come anywhere near that.

This is for all the marbles.

FPL must still pay you the wholesale rate of $ 0.05 per kilowatt hour on the rest of your electricity production. And they are mandated by law to do so for up to 2 megawatts per electric utility bill account. And therein lies your salvation. That means that a $200,000 30 year fixed rate mortgage at $1,200 a month will pay for itself even at the wholesale rate with $ 600 a month to spend on whatever else you want to spend it on.

The Landscape Architectural Design for around $225,000 dollars consists of 20 5kw Solar Panel Ground Mount Systems that I imagine we can get for at most $7,000 apiece. That makes for a subtotal of $140,000 dollars.

We need an all around privacy fence to enclose the garden and make sure that it is an architectural structure unto itself as one whole unit. Although within the garden there are several structures the entire property exists as one unit within the Privacy Fence. We will alot 20,000 for fencing. The rest goes to the structure or structures of your choice.

Our offering includes two Shipping Containers along with as many Garden Igloos as needed. You can have a dining igloo, a living room igloo, a party room igloo, a Zen Room igloo, you get the picture. And there are all types of other structures that can fit in. Remember these are designed for FLorida. There is absolutely no need for a single structure you can walk outside between structures at will and because we are within our own garden behind a privacy fence it is nobody else’s business when, where, what, how, or however you do or do not do whatever it is that you choose to do. Period.

The front of the Structure is to be a Solid Wall of the owners preferred design. It can be Wood Fencing, Plastic Fencing or an all out brick and Mortar Wall. Add a main entrance gate and driveway gate or gates and the facade of our structure is complete. To save money the remaining three sides should be 6 – 8 ft high chain link fencing with a privacy curtain attached to it. I must once again emphasize the private nature of our garden and the need for the privacy fencing. IT IS A MUST TO INSURE THE SANCTITY OF THE STRUCTURE.

Buckminster Fuller fans have already heard of The elusive Garden of Eden Dome that everyone wants built but no one seems capable of doing.

The Home of the Rock is that Garden of Eden Container/Dome Home.

Don’t worry about FPL they just earned a free extra 50 kw source of electricity that they can sell at retail or wholesale. They don’t lose anything and actually if they know how to play, fair may even help us get my Landscape Architecture Plan standardized approvals.

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