Abortion and Gun Control from Constitutional, Biblical and a Fetus’es Perspective

Donald Trump, 45th president of The United States of America, while
sending out his thoughts and prayers to a grief stricken nation in the
wake of the worst mass shooting in United States history in Las Vegas, Nevada had the following to say:

“In times such as these, I know we are searching for some kind of
meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness. The answers
do not come easy. But we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light, and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope.”

As you will note, in his speech president Trump called for “some kind
of light.”

I have “a light of a great kind” that I’m gonna let shine.

I call it “The Son’s Light.”

To find why it really is, the “Son’s” light

Naturally, since the mass shooting in Las Vegas, there will be all
sort of outcry to outlaw automatic weapons.

Although I disagree with President Trump on most issues, I voted for him because he was against abortion.

In my first appearance on the Howard Stern show I spoke about both these two issues.

Abortion and Gun control.

My position on gun control is that everyone in America should be
taught how to use automatic weapons as part of a well trained Militia.

At the same time I believe that hand guns should be regulated.

During the discussion about abortion on Howard Stern’s show I
suggested that women who want to have an abortion should freeze the embryos so we can bring them back to life later.

I have since refined my position and realize that embryo freezing while possible may be impracticle.

Now I am advocating Water Birthing for all women to ease their birthing pain in the hope that freedom from the fear of intense birthing pain may lead millions of women to carry their babies to a full term Water Birth.

My first appearance Howard Stern’s made it to THE BEST OF HOWARD STERN Youtube channel.

Unfortunately, Howard the whole site pulled down to protect Trump’s image during the 2016 elections.

But you can watch the show on this page


The outcry against automatic weapons presents a very, very shortsighted view.

The killings in Las Vegas actually show us that the Founding Fathers
were right and prove the point I made on Howard’s show.

The second amendment actually says something like this:

“A well trained militia being necessary to the safety of the country,
the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The key to gun control is found in the amendment’s preamble.

The requirement for a well trained Militia.

Military training usually includes some sort of background and mental
stability checking.

I don’t know if the Las Vegas killer was part of the armed forces or a Militia.

Nor do I know what his mental status or stability was.

And, I am not condoning any sort of murder.

I am especially not condoning mass murder.

But, whether he was a Terrorist, a Psychotic, or a lunatic, he did prove one thing.

That thing being that; if and when the country is ever invaded, one or
more snipers can wipe out a lot of invaders.

As President Trump said: “The answers do not come easy.”

And before you send me hate mail or try to take my life let me do the
math for you.

In all of the mass killings in the United States from 1970 to 2017
less than 10,000 people have been killed.

Compare that to the hundreds of thousands killed by hand guns.

Yet, from 1970 – 2013 there were 51,883,000 abortions.

There are fewer than 400,000,000 million people in America and the
average life span is above 60 years old.

Women usually can only have children between the ages of 12 and 45.

In 1970 I turned 13 years old. This past July 22nd in 2017, I turned 60.

That means there are probably 51 million women alive in The United
States that have had abortions.

If half of the population is male and there are less than 400,000,000
people in the United States the number of women in America is less
than 200,000,000.

And, If we don’t consider the possibility of multiple abortions, that
means one out of four women now alive in America have had an abortion.

But the Bible says clearly: “Thou shalt not kill.”

Thankfully, this very week when there was so much loss of life The
House of Representatives passed an abortion bill.

As of now I do not know the particulars of the House bill but in my
opinion abortion should only be allowed when child birth threatens the
mothers life.

Yes, even innocent tiny little fetuses can kill.

The problem is that over 90% of all abortions in The United States
were done “for convenience.”

My thinking is that if women knew that there is a much less painful way to have a baby they may often opt to carry their children to full term live birth instead of aborting them.

There is such a thing and it is called Water Birthing.

As a man who will never have to face this problem I am not overly kind when dealing with the topic and in fact have made a poster that riles women but humors many men.

You may have already seen it:

The Me in this poster could be you as a man, the aborted baby in the picture or the living God Himself.
Take your pick.

As president Trump said: “The answers do not come easy.”

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Your Higher Power, The Twelve Steps and the cure for any addiction

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Gregory Stuart Gordon and I know a little about addiction and its cure.

My first experience with Alcoholics Anonymous came when I was in my Early Twenties. I had a very bad Marijuana addiction. I went to Rehab about five times. I was part of the very first Double Trouble meeting in the world. Held by John Woods at The Club in Piscataway, New Jersey.

The Club was a Fountain House based mental wellness clubhouse. Fountain House is a worldwide organization of over 400 clubhouses worldwide. They are the United Nations model program for seeing to it that members achieve mental wellness through a program that puts members to work out in the community after a short time in the clubhouse getting used the the work ordered day.

Double Trouble meetings are for those those struggling with alcohol and other addictions and mental wellness issues. We used to meet up at the meetings with the sole purpose of going out after the meeting to get high. As I always say: “AA was my greatest enabler.”

At the time A.A. was the only game in town. I used to both love and hate going to meetings. At one meeting however across the crowded South River, New Jersey Catholic church meeting I spied the most Geourgeous young man I had ever seen in my life. As I was doing a 90 in 90 at the time I always had to get rides from my mom and dad.

The next time I went to the meeting I asked him if he would give me a ride home. He literally jumped at the chance. His name was James Gutowski. He was 18 and I was 33 at the time. I remember going to meetings and just staring at him as we drove. We went to all the A.A. anniversaries and dances. At the time I think the popular song was the electric slide. I can’t remember for sure but it was a line dance. Georgeous as he was, six feet five inches tall and a face to drop dead for, Jim couldn’t dance, but he did a mean electric slide.

One day Jim asked why I was always staring at him. So, I came out to him. We talked about it and he said he would only fuck around for $4,000. Of course I had nowhere enough money but I promised it to him someday and we left it at that.

Jim was an 18 year old who loved money. He got busted for dealing and was facing ten years in prison but started to go to A.A. in hopes of impressing the Judge. He was a big time dealer. As a matter of fact when nobody else in town had any weed the saying around town was: “Bijou’s got.” We went to a lot of meetings. In fact, we both made our 90 in 90.

I liked the Speaker meetings the least because I did not get a chance to add my bullshit. At Speaker meetings all you heard were drunk war stories. I didn’t drink except for Slo Gin Fizzes when I went out dancing. The more I heard the war stories I said to myself these idiots are crazy. The high from alcohol has to be the stupidest high there is in the whole world. Trust me I’ve done a lot of drugs in my life but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve ever been drunk.

Alcohol intoxication has to be by far and away the worst bang for the buck in the entire world of legal and illegal highs. And if you are fortunate as I was to listen to the war stories you would never touch a drop of alcohol. The shit that alcohlics do has to be by far and away the stupidest shit on earth. Sure herion addicts rob and steal to get thier shit, meth addicts stay up for weeks at a time, a crack addict could sell heroine to Mother Thersa and weed heads eat themseves to death. So fucking what?

The shit that alcohloics do make all that look like childs play. Bottom line: “If it is physically addictive you will become physically addicted.” Even if you only drink socially you are still addicted. If you can not say I’ll never drink again after the first time you through up, have a black out or rape some cunt while you are drunk, you are addicted, no matter how much or how little you drink after that. Period. But they are not at fault. “Alcohol is cunning baffling and powerful.”

Jim and I shared our lives together. I went through his Dad’s death with him and He went through my mom’s death with me. It was great to have a friend that I’d see everyday. When my mom died I had to go back to prison fo violating my parole because I refused to take medication.

I have since learned that the only way I stay out of the hospital is to take my medication. I believe in this so much that I’ve written a short Pamphet entitled: “Help I’m stuck in a Psych ward and I can’t get out. An Insider’s guide to getting out fast and staying out for good.” It is endorsed by Irva Kissa former Fountain House addiction and mental wellness specialist.

You can purchasea copy of “Help I’m locked up in a Psych ward and I can’t get out” by CLICKING HERE

I had to do three months in the Federal Prison Hospital in Rochester Minnesota part of the Mayo Clinic. It was there I had killed a man during a prison sanctioned “Fight Club.” I’ve spoken about this previously on The Howard Stern Show. At any rate when I got out they gave me $80 and I flew home. When I got back Jim and I got together. For real.

Jim met me at my house and we went out driving in his brand new Mustang convertible.. He had a huge sound system and the song we liked best at the time was “We like the cars that go BOOM. We’re tina and shelly and we love the BOOM.” Jim said he needed some money. I said that I had $80 bucks and I’d give it to him if he let me blow him. He was reluctant but insisted that he really needed the money. It went down. It was kind of a disappointment for me as he insisted on wearing a rubber as I sucked him off.

That one night while it cost me all that I had at the time, actally saved me $3,920. And it proves what has become my favorite quote of all time. “Every man has his price provided it is the right temptation put in the right place at the right time.” I forgot the author’s name but you can look it up in a quote book. It is a famous quote.

Since then Jim has gotten married and has a boy and a girl. But in 2009 he got divorced and somehow I just managed to call him about three weeks before he got the papers. We never got together. But Baby. I’m ready when you are. I always called him my baby.

So there you have the story of my introduction to Alcohlics Anonymous. As every member knows it is a spiritual not religious program. Spiritual meaning you gotta believe and feel your higher power working miracles not just go through the motions like thinking that meetings are the same shit as church. You can go to church all you want and say all the Hail Mary’s you want and still not feel the power. “We came to believe that only a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

I want in the worst way to work the twelve steps but I don’t believe in giving my life over to anyone who was as stupid as me and managed to get addicted to drugs. So, I will never have a sponsor.

My biggest addiction to date besides my crack habit was Butyly Chloride or Poppers. I had to avoid marijuana after my second stink in prison for threatening to kill George W. Bush for crying about weapons of mass destruction. This was the same George W. Bush who had refused to sign the biological weapons treaty after it was ratified by the Senate. And believe this or not he said he did not sign The Biological Weapons Treaty for “Business Reasons.”

You can check the story as it ran in the August 8th 2001 edition of Time magazine. That was slightly more than one month before 9/11/2001. I threaned to kill him then and did my time in prison for saying it.

This time let me be perfectly clear. “I promise to have George W. Bush killed for instituting an alternate line of succession to the presidency.” So help me God. So promise I, Gregory Stuart GOrDon.

I got hooked on Poppers because I could not use Marijuana or risk violating my probation.. When you overdose on Poppers you have to take an antidote known as metholatim blue. I’ve overdosed on poppers about five times. You know that you are gettig toxic because your skin turns a dark grey. After my last overdose my probation officer sent me to a Federal Drug Rehab in a small New York state border town across the river from High Point, New Jersey. I hit on one of the guys there and it started a big uproar. I remember it like it was this morning.

I tried to leave once but they put me in a mental hospital. I got sick and tired of eating all that fried food. At the rehab I was in people gained an average of 30 pounds in two months. I was horrified. If I went back to Fountain House after gaining 30 pounds my shrink Ralph Aquila would have killed me.

I knew that I had to escape. Late one night we all watched the awards when Amy Winehouse won the award for best song for “They want me to go to Rehab, No. No.I won’t go.” That night I made plans to escape. The next morning I hit on the same guy again and he went ballistic. During all the commotion I slipped out of the Rehab. The only thing I could do was head toward the tower at New Jersey’s High Point Monument. You see Fountain House has a Ski Chalet right next door to the High Point Monument.

It was snowing that day and I walked about ten miles to get to a small New York border town. I finally got a taxi cab to drive me to the bottom of the road where the Chalet was located. The snow was deep so the driver dropped me off at the bottom of the hill. I promised to bring him the money back when I got to the chalet. It was dark and cold and I did not know that the Chalet was about five miles up the road.

At some point I got tired and was going to fall asleep when finally a snow plow came up the road. I flagged him down and he gave me a ride the next three miles up the road. Thank God, as I could have fallen asleep and frozen to death. Once at the Chalet the Young couple who ran the Chalet took me under there wings and gave me $50 to take a train back to the city.

Instead of going back to New York City I took the train to New Brunswick, New Jersey. The reason was because that Saturday was the annual Melody Bar Reunion. At the Melody I would perform with the Black Dynamic Light Reflectors to music played by VH1 and MTV Rock and Roll Hall of fame VJ, Matt Pinfield, who was the club’s top disc jockey. Also I performed to Soprano’s star James Gandolfini’s music although I did not know him by name at the time and also DJ Shaggy of “It wasn’t Me.” fame. The Melody was the club in which I starred as THE BLACK BALLOONMAN. I mention all of this to say that if you want to get high and listen to the best DJ’s on earth you will find a way.

The same thing that happened to me with Poppers is happening now with K2 also known as Spice. Innocent people are dying because they can’t smoke Marijuana for fear of violating probation or parole. The situation is particularly bad in Washington D.C. Even thought weed is legal there, recreationally. On the streets of DC it is practically impossible to find any Marijuana. But, you can find two dollar blunts of K2 on any street corner.

It is time to face the problem and deal openly and honestly about America’s addiction problems. Only an open and honest discussion about addiction and any and everything else will solve the problems facing the world today.

The twelve steps are the answer to any and all religious conflicts you may be feeling if you come from a Judeo-Christian influenced country. The steps are hard. Very hard. As I’ve stuied religions around the world I’d have to say that the steps are the easiest hard thing you’ll ever have the priviledge of attempting to complete. Like video games? Try the twelve steps on. It ain’t no game. It is your life. And only your higher power can tell you how to win.

Well, welcome to Lightoftheworld.com My name is Gregory Stuart GOrDon and I am your higher power. Like it or not. Just believe it. I am The Most High GOD. GOrDon. Currently I am writing this under the effects of crack and Marijuana.

There is a cure for your addiction. It is a drug called IBOGAINE. It promises to cure you from any and all addictions. Currently it is available in Canada, Mexico and Panama. As soon as I can afford it I am going to take Randy to Panama and take the cure with my partner.

At one point in time I was the spokes person for cures-not-wars. Cures-not-wars ran the yearly Marijuana march in greenwhich village that met at the park by NYU. The name of the park slips me right now. But the leader was a man named Dana Beal and we met weekly at number nine to plan for the March. One day Dana hinted to me that hewas an Ayatollah and he is the only man to confirm to me the existance of my television reality show. One day after the meeting, Dana seemed to be wanting to test my claim to being the second coming of Christ. So, he had me massage his feet. I had massaged my Moot Court Partner Ken Kress’es feet once so I gave it a shot. I must have impressed him with my skills because after about fifteen minutes of massauging he proclaimed that I am the true messiah.

It was through Dana that I was intrduced to IBOGAINE And just as there is a cure for Aids I bogaine is a cure for any addiction For the most complete information on The Miracle Drug Ibogaine Please click here

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The Cunt Coup or Why Nancy Pelosi should be removed from office

As the story goes Nancy Pelosi rejected President Trump’s first offered date for The State of the Union address stating that it is an institution that is out of date. YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING BITCH NANCY PELOSI. That is precicely why the Bible says that women should not lead. And you Pelosi should hang for Treason.

Let me state my qualifications.

In high school I was part of the New Jersey institute of political and legal education. 25 high schools from acros the state participted. In institute classes we are taught thing like how to write bills and get them through committee. Each year the institute holds a Model Congress when students from across the state travel to a campus to engage in Entering and passing bills through both the House and Senate. To make a long story short in my Junior year I won the award for best reprentative and in my senior year I won the Chairmanship competion aznd became Speaker of the House and Student Director of that years Model Congress.

As a student of how the Government of the United States works this I know for a fact. The State of the Union Address is the most revered part of our government And the date on which it is to be given is set forth in the Constitution. It is such a treasured inststution that I am willing to bet that it has never been missed until this stinking bitch took over. BITCH you don’t run shit. God does.

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Your drugs ain’t better than mine, one upmanship and the real drug problem facing America today

Let’s face it all American’s are addicted to something. If it’s not Starbuck’s coffee it’s heroin or any of a thousand middle of the road drugs. Did you know for example some people are addicted to Coca-Cola. And of all of the drugs to get addicted to Coca-Cola is the worst. You have to Piss Rocks or kidney stones. All I’m trying to say is the only real way to get a handle on the situation is to legalize and regulate all drugs. Case in point the K-2 situation. The government is complict in the death of thousands of people. The K-2 sitution is caused because marijuana is still illegal in some states. The truth of the matter is that compared to K-2 marijuana sucks ass. But if you piss positive for marijuana you will violate your probation. What is a Wigger to do? K-2 however is dangerous if you don’t have 1). Real Skuby Snaks and 2). Realize that just like any prescription drup you can overdose. Regulation, Taxation and Moderation combined together with legalization and a caveat emptor attitude is the only solution to the problem.

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Republican Talking Points 2-5-19 The date of the State of the Union Address is written in the Constitution

The president will build his wall, like it or not. It is an emergency so serious he shut down the government. He will call a State of Emergency. And there is nothing you can do about it. You don’t have the power. And who you going to take your case to. The Supreme Court? Not during a State of Emergency. Bitches you lose.

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