Gregory GOrDon

Bachelor of Science Degree in International Environmental Public Policy Analysis, Cook College, Rutgers University 1980

Attended Boalt Hall Law School, University of California, Berkeley 1979-1981

1981-2009 Beast Hunter – Named Ronald Reagan as the anti-Christ. Author of two books on the subject one of which came out in five different versions. Served three years in prison and became America’s Most Broke and Famous celebrity after pulling a publicity stunt on July Fourth of 1990 in which he broke into Reagan’s retirement Home. Made many radio, podcast and television show appearances, most notably the Howard Stern Show and Morton Downey Jr. Show.

His publicity stunt was an unmitigated success as the ShowTime docudrama The Reagans proved. In it there was a segment where Reagan had to say “I’m the Anti-Christ,” Conservatives had the show pulled from regular Television. But Gregory had the last laugh because it did air on ShowTime cable T.V.

Served three more years in prison starting in 2002 for threatening George W. Bush in a failed attempt to capitalize on his earlier publicity from the Reagan incident in order to prevent the war in Iraq by presenting the fact that the U.S. did not sign the Biological Weapons Treaty due to “Business Interests.” This at the time that Bush was hollering about “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” The government knew of Greg’s power so they held a secret hearing to charge him with the crime of Threatening the Life of the President but did not charge him officially until after holding him for a full year secretly in a state mental hospital in Norristown PA. This was a violation of Greg’s right to a speedy trial.

1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003. Four time winner of the Golden Web Award from The International Association of Webmasters and Designers for his pioneering website design skills for LightoftheWorld.com.

Inventor of the Dynamic Light Reflectors a version of which is now being used in Korea by millions of K-Pop fans

In line to be named The Jewish Messiah and hence The Second Coming of Christ by the Sanhedrin in Israel if he builds the Floating Third Jewish Temple thereby fulfilling the final prophecy.