By Association

Gees'es (Jesus) Christ II
I only hope that I can help. My name is Wonderful Gregory Stuart GOrDon. I am known to millions of Howard Stern fans as Geeses. What most people don’t know is that I am a Design Scientist. My area of Design is Web Site Design. I have won the Golden Web Award from The International Association of Web Masters and Designers Four time three times for best Design and once for Best Internet Portal. The year I won for Best Portal I believe that Yahoo. com was my closest competition. This year, 2017, I am entering the competition once again. As such I am pulling out all of the stops.

In August I attended a seminar about branding by association. According to what I learned people will take me more seriously because of who I know. Well I know quit a few big name entertainers personally. Until I went to the seminar I would never mention my association with any of them as I personally thought that the idea was sleazy. But after seeing how successful people like Brendon Burchard, James Malinchach, and others were becoming by simply mentioning the guys from Chicken Soup for the Soul, I decided I’d give it a try. So I pulled my own stops an began to mention some of the People I’m associated with. Names like Howard Stern, Matt Pinfield, Nicky Siano, Eminem, Truth the White Rapper and the list goes on. I had no other choice.

People are really on the verge of death in Puerto Rico. I have family there also although I don’t know who they are. I went to Puerto Rico once with “Mother” to meet them. All I remember from my trip was a cute little waterfall in the middle of nowhere.

Before becoming a Designer I was a Disc Jockey at Manny’s Den in New Brunswick NJ. My signature song was “May the Funk be with you til we meet again” In the song it mentions meeting in some secluded Den, which I took to mean Manny’s Den.

Nowadays I am no longer a “Disc Jockey” (and I’m gonna have to make up a name for it) I share internet media files.

So as you can see I have absolutely no connection that I know of with Jennifer Lopez or Mario Cuomo. But we share the love of God towards his people in Puerto Rico “The People of the Joyful Noise.”

I want to share their music with and hope that together we can make some real noise in the market place of public policy.

Please sign this petition it means a lot to me and the lives of millions hang in the balance.


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