Checkmate – Live interview with my Psychiatrist, misdiagnosis, pro-marijuana, anti – K2.

In this interview I ask my shrink to prescribe medical marijuana. This is the Checkmate. After 38 years of being in the mental health system I have finally cleared myself of having a mental illness. My diagnosis is that of being schizo-affective. The symptoms mimic those of schizophrenia. But you can not be diagnosed with it if your first experience with the mental health community was because of drugs. My first experience with the mental health community was because of mescaline. So, for almost 40 years I’ve been misdiagnosed. I’d love to sue. I might.

My situation is just as stated in the original introduction to the Book: The Myth of Mental Illness. According to the author sooner or later someone who suffers from the symptoms of Mental Illness will be bright enough to beat the system. The Bible calls this overcoming. In all actuality I am not delusional but you probably are. Second Thessalonians calls this the mass delusion put upon the people by God. (2 Thess. 1-11).

This is a no – holds barred live interview with my psychiatrist at the Mc Clendon Center here in Washington DC. It is a beautiful recording. The set-up and execution of the final play is perfect and the tape ends with me summing up just before the batteries die. Beware it is a 40 minute segment. I recommend sitting down with your favorite “snack” and enjoying the segment. Click here for the live interview.


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