Design for the completed Container Dome coming before Thanksgiving.

Hello every one. I kind of though that this website design was my best ever and now the results are in. Two hundred thousand visitors since Sunday. That is good and a lot of people are signing the petition and while it took Elio two years to reach 61,000 sign-ups they’ve added another 4,000 since Monday. I won’t know if anyone has contributed until Monday as I made a vow to myself to give it my all for at least one week before checking my stats. Hope fully I’ll be surprised by an Email saying that a least one person bought a poster.

At any rate, I,ve come up with a preliminary design for the Container Dome. It is a Do-it-yourself 16 foot high entry way atrium made of wood and sliding glass doors. It features a spiral staircase and balcony overlooking the two floor atrium. The dome sits on top and hangs off the back thereby creating a back porch. I am a designer not an architect so, I’ll have to submit the design to Yitzhaq for his official approval. As soon as we’ve gone over it throughly we will sell it as an Ebook for $17.77. You can get the wood upstairs windows and spiral staircase locally but here in America you can purchase most of it through my Home Depot affiliate links.

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