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The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge is now in its eleventh year. Every year a distinguished panel of Judges awards an Omni-Oculi and $100,000 dollars to the person whose idea they feel will: “Make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or damage to anyone.”

Gregory Gordon’s entry is about changing the world from a very flawed solar calendar into a perpetual Lunar Calendar, building the prophesied Third Jewish Temple to avoid another Arab-Iraeli war and using his power as a multiple IAWMD (International Association of Webmasters and Designers) award winning website designer along with His supernatural powers as the second coming of Christ to accomplish the spontaeous cooperation necessary to complete the stated mission of the award competition.

In 2009-2010 when GOrDon entered the the Buckminster Fuller Challenge he did not know that the Jewish Calendar was actually a Lunar Calendar. GOrDon changed the world into a Lunar Calendar at that time but has now updated his Anticipatory Design Science Calendar to start on the Jewish New Year of 5778.

That means that the last year of the Old flawed Gregorian Solar Calendar is 2017 and the “Good God Time Re-United Lunar Jewish and Solar Gregorian Calendar” begins after the final year of the Jewish Calendar Year 5777 coicideng with the usual solar business calendar which begins in the fall. In perfect time for the prophesied second coming of Christ on September 23rd, 2017 when all the stars were in perfect alignment for Christ’s second coming.

That also coincides with President Trump’s brilliant moving of the United States Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That move was designed to bring on the second coming of Christ. And in reality it has brought on the Second Coming of the Second Christ.

See the final two videos on the page for GOrDon’s original time corrections.

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award

An Omni Oculi

The following is Gregory GOrDon’s 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Entry:

Summarize your Proposal:

Gregory GOrDon is here to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone. He, I, do this by performing the duties of the Second Coming of Christ, and The Beginning of the Creation of God.

Describe the critical need your solution addresses:

It satisfies the deep, intrinsic human desire for prophecy fulfillment as found in every religion through the Interpretation and Pulfillment of the Christian Prophecy. Specifically the prophecy of the second coming of Christ identifying and destroying the anti-Christ and the first and last prophecy.

Compare and contrast your initiative.:

The comparable Muslim prophecy concerning the second coming is: the prophecy of the “Nuzul-al-Isa” as best described but unfortunately derided by John GilChrist. The Muslim prophecy of the first and last is when Mohammed said that there will be no other prophets between me and he.

That man Miranda out of Florida is trying to complete the same prophecy by both claiming to be the Christ and the anti-Christ at the same time and even has his followers tattoo the anti-Christ’s number 666 on themselves.

My fulfillment of the prophecies is based in Biblical Scripture. I am the Christ bearing the “new name” of God. (Rev 3:12) Ronald Wilson Reagan was the anti-Christ bearing the mark of the beast with 6 letters in each of his names. I “made war” with him and overcame him when I wrote a letter to the Howard Stern Show requesting that he die on the day he did. As the Beginning of the Creation of God I have changed the the world to a Perpetual Calendar. (Rev 13:14)

An honorable mention in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge will speed people’s recognition that this calendar is now in effect and is in everyone’s best interest.

Explain your initiative in more depth and its stage of development :

The way to make the world work for 100% of humanity is to for a world wide savior, (Christ), to use the power of the Internet and create a mechanism through which this can happen. But, first we must get everyone on the same page at the same time; literally.
As The Beginning of the Creation of God I have created such a page and have consolidated the year into a 13 month 28 day perpetual time calendar which began on the first Sabbath day, Saturday-Sunday after the fiscal new year of 2010, roughly the same time as the autumnal equinox.

New Year’s Day will be celebrated beginning on the Saturday 364 days later for a period of 48 hours. By that time, if not sooner everyone’s clock will have been brought back to the proper time which is actually a 48 hour day beginning 24 hours before GMT.
The mechanism which created it and makes it work is my web site, a social networking site from which people can download my books and the calendar, and which features the capability for live internet broadcasting, blogs, groups, a forum and links to the Internet’s best and most trafficked sites.

How does your strategy and approach respond creatively and comprehensively to key issues:
The benefits of a 28 day 13 month perpetual calendar have been known for over 5000 years and switching to one has been discussed for centuries. By simply using the power of God to impose the calendar on the world I have moved the world forward into the new dawn without the need for war, never ending debate as to whose holidays to honor when where and why and when to start the implementation of the Calendar.

As the King of Kings, I have fulfilled the major components of the Muslim “Nuzul-al-Isa” prophecy. I intend to complete it along with Yitshaq Hayut-man who has designed a floating Temple Lighting the sky over Jerusalem directly above Islam’s third holiest site the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount. This eliminates the need to tear it down to build a third Jewish Temple and averts the greatest potential threat to World War Three while fulfilling Ezekiel’s prophecy and the Muslim prophecy of the sky over Jerusalem glowing which Iran’s president has threatened to fulfill with a nuclear war.

The Holographic Temple will aid Jerusalem’s Tourism and is made of a huge polystyrene cube lit by lasers, floating under a blimp.

Describe your implementation plan :

The 48 hour day has already taken effect as of the first Sunday in October, 2009. Many people have noticed the change but no one knows what is going on as yet.

Today, October 7th 2009 I will submit my application before 12:00pm GGT High Noon in New York City and ask one of the directors of the Buckminster Fuller Institute to check the time until it gets to 12:00am. I need to do this so that no one else can claim responsibility for the implementation of the Relative Clock and Perpetual Calendar.

Next is a publicity tour in which I will explain to the world what’s going on and drive people to my website where they can watch me live at High Noon, New York City Time each day.

Should I be fortunate enough to actually win the Challenge, I will tour displaying my Omni-Occuli and performing live with my Dynamic Light Reflectors along with each regions greatest and best bands.
Finally, at some point in time I’d like my own seat as a Sovereign God like the Vatican from where I can monitor, comment on and direct world affairs through the power of persuasion.

Provide details regarding the team and/or partners you have assembled:
I, Gregory GOrDon, am a Design Scientist with a Bachelors Degree in International Environmental Public Policy and Economics. My specialty is Web Design and I am a four time winner of the International Association of Web Masters and Designer’s (IAWMD) Golden Web Award.

In 1979, two months before beginning law school at Boalt Hall of the University of California (Berkeley), I discovered a way to make it appear as if I had laser-
like-light emanating from my hand by using a black balloon under colored lights.

I performed in various nightclubs including Studio 54, Paradise Garage, and along with Nicky Siano at 12 West at the Cheetah Club in NYC.

I am now featured in a documentary called “The Last Bastions of Rock” by Fritch Clarke for my work with The Reflectors in a small club in New Brunswick, NJ known as The Melody Bar which spawned such music and film industry stars as Matt Pinfield, James Gandolfini, and DJ Shaggy.

I have also been interviewed on many shows concerning my claim to being The Second Coming of Christ including The Howard Stern Show, The Morton Downey Jr. Show, Kevin & Bean, Irie Radio and Pr Web.

What are the primary obstacles :

The major obstacle will be if radio shows won’t have me on because of my past record of having threatened to kill two former presidents and having been accused of threatening to kill Congressman Peter King over his statements concerning Michael Jackson.
Also, people are certain to want to cling to their old ways which is natural, but its too late, the calendar and clock are already in effect and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

What range of funding is needed to bring your project to fruition. :

I expect funding for the publicity part of the project to be minimal. I shall simply send out a press release via PR Web or another free service sometime this evening to explain to everyone what is going on.

Funding for the Temple of Light is the biggest need and Yitzhaq Hayut-man has just gotten the go ahead for the real Temple to be built by an Israeli Museum and it could be flown into place when ready. THe exact dollar amount I am not sure of but have included Mr. Hayut-man as a reference where he can explain the needs.

I would like to fund the tour with the proceeds from winning the Buckminster Puller Challenge as to do so any other way would mean having to charge an admission fee and thereby putting the poor at a disadvantage which is contrary to the whole purpose of the Challenge.