Gregory GOrDon as The Second Coming of Jesus Christ – Theory Confirmed by Bible Scholar

For more than thirty years I, Gregory Gordon, have claimed to be The Second Coming of Christ. But according to standard Evangelical thought that would be impossible. Evangelicals view The Second Coming as an event. They see Jesus coming down from the sky in a great big sky show that will be seen all over the world. That event is what they call the second coming. While I do have plans for a sky show the important thing is that I am here now.

I have put forth my theory as to my coming in a series of books that you can purchase and now that theory has been confirmed by Kermit Zarley in a post on the blog site. Although the particulars are different the underlying theme is the same. There will be no new one world government until after the second coming of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? The man-child born of the woman clothed with the Sun. I am he. I will be elaborating on these topics here in my blog.

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