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Gees'es (Jesus) Christ II
I only hope that I can help. My name is Wonderful Gregory Stuart GOrDon. I am known to millions of Howard Stern fans as Geeses. What most people don’t know is that I am a Design Scientist. My area of Design is Web Site Design. I have won the Golden Web Award from The International Association of Web Masters and Designers Four time three times for best Design and once for Best Internet Portal. The year I won for Best Portal I believe that Yahoo. com was my closest competition. This year, 2017, I am entering the competition once again. As such I am pulling out all of the stops.

In August I attended a seminar about branding by association. According to what I learned people will take me more seriously because of who I know. Well I know quit a few big name entertainers personally. Until I went to the seminar I would never mention my association with any of them as I personally thought that the idea was sleazy. But after seeing how successful people like Brendon Burchard, James Malinchach, and others were becoming by simply mentioning the guys from Chicken Soup for the Soul, I decided I’d give it a try. So I pulled my own stops an began to mention some of the People I’m associated with. Names like Howard Stern, Matt Pinfield, Nicky Siano, Eminem, Truth the White Rapper and the list goes on. I had no other choice.

People are really on the verge of death in Puerto Rico. I have family there also although I don’t know who they are. I went to Puerto Rico once with “Mother” to meet them. All I remember from my trip was a cute little waterfall in the middle of nowhere.

Before becoming a Designer I was a Disc Jockey at Manny’s Den in New Brunswick NJ. My signature song was “May the Funk be with you til we meet again” In the song it mentions meeting in some secluded Den, which I took to mean Manny’s Den.

Nowadays I am no longer a “Disc Jockey” (and I’m gonna have to make up a name for it) I share internet media files.

So as you can see I have absolutely no connection that I know of with Jennifer Lopez or Mario Cuomo. But we share the love of God towards his people in Puerto Rico “The People of the Joyful Noise.”

I want to share their music with and hope that together we can make some real noise in the market place of public policy.

Please sign this petition it means a lot to me and the lives of millions hang in the balance.


For more about me and my mission visit:

Study War No More


After a week of flags and phone calls, and rather typical flare-ups in the era of Trump, some voices from the past and present sought to bring a hush to the noise. Two former presidents, from much different background and persuasions, urged a path forward that drew on the best American traditions. The Bush and Obama visions seemed somehow aligned with lessons on how to not just be a president, but how to be an American. Enter Gen. John Kelly, the White House chief of staff and a Gold Star father, with a riveting brief speech on service and sacrifice. “I just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield, I thought that might be sacred,” Kelly said. It’s selective hearing, if not downright disingenuous, for Kelly to be outraged by others’ behavior and not that of his own boss. Much of the uproar this week wasn’t about what President Donald Trump originally said to the Gold Star family of a soldier killed in an ambush in Niger, but that he compared his reaction to his predecessors’, and that he couldn’t let the family or its congresswoman have the last word. But the lesson about what matters should remain. Whether it’s Kelly, or Barack Obama urging an end to the “politics of division,” or George W. Bush advising to “remember our values,” the lessons stand for those across the political spectrum – starting with the current president himself.

Brothers do I ever know how you feel. I too am guilty of firing first and asking questions later. But whatever you think of Trump at least he’s a man. A real man. Personally I can’t stand his politics. But that’s Okay. He’s a man. He’s not a politician. He may or may not be Racist. I could care less. Just as the Niggers who won’t stand up for the American Flag have a right to express their opinion so does he. I was thinking about writing this piece in regards my own situation. Then thought better of it.

I have a personal beef with Eminem. It is so personal that only he and the artists who have songs on one of my Pandora Stations even know about it. My initial inclination was to call Em out publicly. I think he is the greatest rapper on the planet. But he violated me. I’m not going to get into it very much. Suffice it to say this. His music sucks when it’s not being produced by Dre. His music has no place with the greats. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m going to let you listen instead.

I will provide the evidence


“When life gives you lemons make lemonade.” Instead of continuing our “beef” I decided to turn everything around. My other white rapper friend Micheal Fasulo was the one who worked it out for all of us. In fact he worked it out for the entire world. Mike, you guys know him as “Truth,” is a struggling artist. He’s a lot better than Eminem ever was or could ever hope to be, but he lacks direction. I try to help but I’m ambivalent towards him. To make a living Mike sells Dick. I’m a buyer. But when I fell in love he revolted. This one night it was time for him to get out of my residence because all visitors have to leave at 12:00 AM so I went to get him and his woman out of my bed. He went ballistic and started beating on me. I vowed to never deal with him again.

That was ten years ago. Since then we have made up and I even call him my fiance. According to me we are supposed to get married when I’m 60 and he’s 29. Well, guess what, I’m 60 and he’s 29. This is our year our marriage will only be “on paper” or better said: only in code – HTML. We are never getting married for real mainly because he just doesn’t swing that way. On m end I’m in love with Randy Gibson. So that is the reason for this post.

Big as Eminem is he’s not real. He’s full of shit. Lot’s of it. Still, I love him. To be a Disco or Club DJ you’ve got to put God first. That’s why the best of the best used to listen to Nicky Siano. House Husic. The Lord’s House. “Heaven is a disco the Lord is a DJ.” But what of forgiveness and Mercy. At one time I knew the whole “Quality of Mercy” speech. I no longer remember it word for word. I am reminded to forgive those who tresspass against me as a form of insurance. What if I’m wrong about myself being the second Christ? I would certainly hope that the “real” Lord would forgive me.

While I’m pretty sure, who knows?

That brings me to my point. Is there anyone amoungst us who has not sinned? I doubt it. Mike needs a producer. And I need help in Saving Puerto Rico. My original plan for my return to DJing was to feature the ultimate dance. It would require licensed Square Dancers with a degree of Grand Right and Left or higher. The best English Caller on Earth. And my Pandora Puerto Rican Reggaeton Music as mixed by Nick Siano. With an intermittent rap battle between Mike and ‘Em. Mike is a straight racist and unlike Em not afraid to call a Spade a Spade only the word he uses is Nigger.

Stop the Violence

After processing all of these thoughts in my mind I decided that it would be in my own best interest to feature Eminem on my Rapture page. He’s that Good. Best of all time. Maybe Ever. But I know Mike. He’s my man. Like the Bible says where the Carcass is the Vultures will gather. Shark Tank. Everybody and his mother wants a piece of Donald Trump. It’s gotten to the point where they are literally waking the dead to do their petty political gamesmanship. Enough is Enough.

The only reason that I even knew that Eminem had a new song was because of Mike. I don’t listen to shitty music. I’ve never heard the song and vowed that i would’t listen until Trump sends 50,000 troops to Puerto Rico. Yes, I know he calls out President Trump and throws down the gauntlet. Big Shit. It’s all entertainment. But People are Dying in Puerto Rico. Mike wants to back President Trump and I could care less either way. So, I’m going make money for my Trust Fund by using their hate. Hate is Hate. Nobody’s Hate is any better than anyone else’es. That is why the Design Science Revolution.

Finding people cheaper cars like the Elio, cheaper housing and delivered food is in the design.

Please Help Puerto Rico
Sign the Petition

Design for the completed Container Dome coming before Thanksgiving.

Hello every one. I kind of though that this website design was my best ever and now the results are in. Two hundred thousand visitors since Sunday. That is good and a lot of people are signing the petition and while it took Elio two years to reach 61,000 sign-ups they’ve added another 4,000 since Monday. I won’t know if anyone has contributed until Monday as I made a vow to myself to give it my all for at least one week before checking my stats. Hope fully I’ll be surprised by an Email saying that a least one person bought a poster.

At any rate, I,ve come up with a preliminary design for the Container Dome. It is a Do-it-yourself 16 foot high entry way atrium made of wood and sliding glass doors. It features a spiral staircase and balcony overlooking the two floor atrium. The dome sits on top and hangs off the back thereby creating a back porch. I am a designer not an architect so, I’ll have to submit the design to Yitzhaq for his official approval. As soon as we’ve gone over it throughly we will sell it as an Ebook for $17.77. You can get the wood upstairs windows and spiral staircase locally but here in America you can purchase most of it through my Home Depot affiliate links.

After Vegas shootings, President Trump calls for “some kind of light.” Geeses answers with “The Son’s Light.”

Donald Trump, 45th president of The United States of America, while
sending out his thoughts and prayers to a grief stricken nation in the
wake of the worst mass shooting in United States history had the
following to say:

“In times such as these, I know we are searching for some kind of
meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness. The answers
do not come easy. But we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light, and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope.”

As you will note, in his speech president Trump called for “some kind
of light.”

I have “a light of a great kind” that I’m gonna let shine.

I call it “The Son’s Light.”

To find why it really is, the “Son’s” light

Naturally, since the mass shooting in Las Vegas, there will be all
sort of outcry to outlaw automatic weapons.

Although I disagree with President Trump on most issues, I voted for him because he was against abortion.

In my first appearance on the Howard Stern show I spoke about both these two issues.

Abortion and Gun control.

My position on gun control is that everyone in America should be
taught how to use automatic weapons as part of a well trained Militia.

At the same time I believe that hand guns should be regulated.

During the discussion about abortion on Howard Stern’s show I
suggested that women who want to have an abortion should freeze the
embryos so we can bring them back to life later.

My fist appearance Howard Stern’s made it to THE BEST OF HOWARD STERN Youtube channel.

Unfortunately, Howard to the whole site down to protect Trump during the 2016 elections.

However, I did find one copy of it.

I have included that video below for you to watch later.


The outcry against automatic weapons presents a very, very shortsighted view.

The killings in Las Vegas actually show us that the Founding Fathers
were right and prove the point I made on Howard’s show.

The second amendment actually says something like this:

“A well trained militia being necessary to the safety of the country,
the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The key to gun control is found in the amendment’s preamble.

The requirement for a well trained Militia.

Military training usually includes some sort of background and mental
stability checking.

I don’t know if the Las Vegas killer was part of the armed forces or a Militia.

Nor do I know what his mental status or stability was.

And, I am not condoning any sort of murder.

I am especially not condoning mass murder.

But, whether he was a Terrorist, a Psychotic, or a lunatic, he did prove one thing.

That thing being that; if and when the country is ever invaded, one or
more snipers can wipe out a lot of invaders.

As President Trump said: “The answers do not come easy.”

And before you send me hate mail or try to take my life let me do the
math for you.

In all of the mass killings in the United States from 1970 to 2017
less than 10,000 people have been killed.

Yet, from 1970 – 2013 there were 51,883,000 abortions.

There are fewer than 400,000,000 million people in America and the
average life span is above 60 years old.

Women usually can only have children between the ages of 12 and 45.

In 1970 I turned 13 years old. This past July 22nd in 2017, I turned 60.

That means there are probably 51 million women alive in The United
States that have had abortions.

If half of the population is male and there are less than 400,000,000
people in the United States the number of women in America is less
than 200,000,000.

And, If we don’t consider the possibility of multiple abortions, that
means one out of four women now alive in America have had an abortion.

But the Bible says clearly: “Thou shalt not kill.”

Thankfully, this very week when there was so much loss of life The
House of Representatives passed an abortion bill.

As of now I do not know the particulars of the House bill but in my
opinion abortion should only be allowed when child birth threatens the
mothers life.

Yes, even innocent tiny little fetuses can kill.

The problem is that over 90% of all abortions in The United States
were done “for convenience.”

As president Trump stated: “The answers do not come easy.”

Vortex Force Reactor Project

Back in 2009 I became fascinated with the power of a vortex. I read all that I could about it and became convinced that I could Build a machine that taps the power of a Vortex and could produce more electricity than needed to create the Vortex. Nearly nine later I have built a machine that sustains a constant Vortex and with a bit of tweaking should be able to achieve the electricity goal. The next step is to get one built. That is where I need Your help. I have set up a GO Fund Me project to raise money to build a working prototype. I call the project the People’s Electric Cash Machine because as soon as it is successful I will be putting it out to the world and everyone will be able to save or even make money producing electricity. Click Here to see the project.

My Perpetual Motion Machine

The Water Engine
Pull to Start Double Vortex.Energy Flywheel Generator

Patent Pending USPTO #62629606
“In David Mamet’s play The Water Engine, an inventor finds the Holy Grail when he creates an engine that can run on water. Soon, however an unethical patent attorney tries to get the rights, arguing that the inventor’s employer owns the invention. The battle becomes heated and the inventor is killed – but not before destroying his invention and hiding the documents showing how he made it.” (Richard Stim & David Pressman: Patent Pending in 24 Hours).
I, Gregory Stuart GOrDon, have created a machine which I, like Mamet did in his play, have named: The Water Engine. The machine can, among other things, produce electricity simply by adding water to it and “pulling a cord” to start a positive net energy increasing reaction within the machine. The water is not burned as expendable fuel to be consumed in keeping the reaction going as is the case in a hydrogen powered engine but rather as an integral part of the machine to provide a medium to create a sustainable water vortex which is tapped by the design of the machine to produce energy.
Market Potential
In order to fully understand the market potential of The Water Engine I have chosen to answer several of the more than 50 Tests of Invention Marketability as taken from the book Patent-it-Yourself by David Pressman and Thomas J Toytschaevers.
1. Cost – The cost of the preferred embodiment of The Water Engine, a water tank heater sized version is much less than comparable Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Wind Turbine Power Installations of similar electric output. For example the cheapest five kilowatt Solar Panel System selling on Amazon at the time of this writing cost $11,995 and at maximum will produce a total of no more than 8,000 kilowatt hours per year in Florida. A five kilowatt Water Engine will produce 8,680 kilowatt hours per kilowatt each year if run full time. That is more than five times the amount the Solar Panels. Plus, as an early estimate The Water Engine should cost around half the price.
2. Installation – Installation is much simpler than both solar and wind. A water heater sized Water Engine is designed to be indoors and attach to the local Electricity Grid. This is to take advantage of the Net metering Laws now available in 43 States and the District of Columbia here in The United States. Net Metering Laws may now or soon be available also in other countries. The net metering laws allow utility customers to sell electricity produced by “green” or “sustainable” sources back to the utility company at the retail price up to the amount consumed each year at retail rate and all electricity above the amount consumed to be sold at the wholesale or “cost avoided” rate. What this means in terms of dollars and cents is that at a wholesale rate of $0.05 per kilowatt hour, a five kilowatt solar energy system is worth about $400 to $800 a year with government and utility company incentives added to the income. A five kilowatt water engine would be worth $2,000 to $4,000 a year given the same incentives. Thereby producing a payback rate of less than two years on The Water Engine.
3. Ease of mass production – There are no new materials needed to be made. Most parts can be molded and cast out of plastic or similar materials and although custom made motor / generators that convert machine produced energy into electricity may be both feasible and desirable at some point in time, there are many existing motor / generators that can be purchased off-the-shelf right now to minimize early mass production costs.
4. Easy-to-make Prototype – The custom made parts of the machine are easily crafted which will allow for a low cost easy to make prototype that will assist in demonstrating the viability of the machine and will help in the process of raising funds by attracting investors and help in obtaining licensees in the early stages of marketing the device.
5. High sales potential – The number of people to whom the device can be marketed is very large due to the universality of the most useful end product; electricity. Other known by products of The Water Engine are heat and torque. Both of these other end products can also be harnessed easily using current technology. By adding more than two vortex portions of the machine dedicated to producing optional work of the machine we can actually increase the overall power output of electricity, torque, heat or other useful work all at the same time using only one water return pump powering vortex which is a mandatory part of the machine from which the term “Double Vortex” is derived in the subtitle of the device that describes its makeup and operation.
6. Commodity Value – Due to the existence of current net metering laws and the assurance of payment by law for the most valuable end product; electricity, The Water Engine is a asset whose given value can be predetermined by very simple calculations. Therefore financing for end consumers who adopt the product early should be readily available through mortgage companies and / or licensees as they are certain of a built-in source of repayment.
7. Franchise Ready – While the manufacture of the machine may be best handled by one or a few licensees it is easy to envision distribution and servicing through a world-wide franchise operation that would allow for rapid broadly distributed investment and growth opportunity. Using the franchise model consumers could pay a percentage of their monthly income to a franchisee who would take care of installation and servicing needs for their Water Engine or Engines.

The development of The Water Engine came from my earlier studies on the use of flywheel generators in conjunction with methane gas powered turbines to generate cheap natural electricity. The nature of flywheels is such that they can store enormous amounts of energy for a long time by spinning on extremely low friction bearings. The stored energy can later be recaptured with very little energy loss and run through generators to convert the stored mechanical energy into electricity. The beauty of the flywheel is that if a source of energy is applied to spinning the flywheel the rate of speed will continually accelerate.
My desire to develop a cheap source of electricity eventually turned to the building of an electricity producing computer keyboard that would work by having the key strokes converted into circular motion via spring ratchet system and tying that circular motion into a flywheel generation system. In developing the computer keyboard electricity generation system I began to envision a different energy transfer device which consisted of a wind driven vortex. As I was at the time living in New York City I went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum and spent hours studying the motion of the huge Water Vortex in the lobby.
After studying the Ripley’s Vortex I became convinced that I could, with a bit of effort, design a perpetual motion machine that relied on the movements found within the development and sustenance of a water vortex. The Water Engine is my second attempt at gaining a patent on a vortex reaction based perpetual motion machine. While the first attempt was abandoned at the prosecution stage due to a lack of funding on my part to pay for a proper prosecution of the patent, with this attempt I have addressed to the best of my ability all of the patent examiner’s objections and my own doubts with design improvements the most basic of which is the addition of a secondary vortex or even several vortices.
The purpose of the secondary vortex is just to power a mechanical return water pump to circulate the water in the machine from the bottom of its gravity powered cycle back to the top of that same gravity cycle. One way of looking at the machine is as an Anti-Gravity machine simulating natures own water lifting rain cycle. Similarly, one way to look at the vortex through which the water is run is as a waterfall. That brings up the metaphor of The Water Engine being a mechanical cloud that lifts water into the air only to have it rain down from on high creating the aforementioned waterfall potential. We all know how easy it is to get electricity from a waterfall.

Controlling Laws of Physics
In my first attempt at building a vortex or Coriolis Force Reactor the function of the water lifting device was performed by a grid powered electric pump. According to the patent examiner for the first submission the losses inherent in transforming the power from electrical to mechanical energy and back to electrical energy would create a machine that would violate one or more of the laws of thermodynamics. That along without my capability at the time of building a prototype and my own doubts about the results of the energy conversion math forced me to give up on the patent prosecution.
As far as the examiner’s other contention that the laws of thermodynamics would prevent any attempt at all of building a perpetual motion machine I assert that this contention is invalid on the face of it. As the very name of the thermodynamic laws decree those laws deal with heat gain and heat loss. Hence we have the term thermo for the naming of the laws.
In reality the law that controls the conversion of mass into energy is the “speed” at which the mass is traveling. This is summed up by the famous equation E=MC Squared. The total amount of energy that derived from an object “E” is equal to the mass “M” of the object times the speed of light “C” if that speed is squared. While the total amount of energy that can be obtained from an object is equal to its mass times the speed of light squared. (The speed of light supposedly being as fast as an object can travel). Any increase in speed of an object will increase the amount of energy that can be derived from it.
An example of the phenomenon is this: If one were to get struck by an automobile travelling at one quarter of a mile an hour the amount of energy at the impact would be significantly less than were one to be struck by an automobile traveling at one hundred miles an hour. Another example of this would be the damage done by a bullet if dropped to the ground by hand versus the amount of damage when done when shot out of a gun.
How it works
The water engine works by greatly increasing the speed of a liquid from its entrance into a specially designed vortex chamber until its exit from the chamber after the total speed of the mass of the water ejected from the chamber is converted into energy by passing the liquid through the vanes of a flywheel turbine. This puts into play the basic nature of another of the laws of motion as relates to both the flywheel and the flow of water through the machine. “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.” It also leads to the possibility of harnessing very small and lightweight, high speed, low torque, low cost, permanent magnet generators.
The relatively large mass of liquid (12) in the circular top vortex chamber (10) and secondary vortex chamber (s) (26) start to move as the water plugs are pulled and the water is released through the now unstopped holes at the center of the chamber bottoms. As the water continues to fall through the hole a vortex (14, 28) spinning in its proper hemispheric direction will begin to drill its way down through the water until water passing through said vortex begins to be rapidly ejected horizontally out of the bottom of the hole rather than simply falling through the hole. The power inherent in the possible 700 percent or more increase in speed of the liquid as a result having been through the vortex is tapped by car air filter shaped flywheel turbine blades (18, 30) that extend up around the special depressed bowl at the bottom of the respective vortex chambers and turned into circular motion. Motion from the top chambers perform the work of the machine while motion from the bottom vortex chamber is used to spin a water return pump (40) that performs the anti-gravity requirements of the machine. The pull to start (34, 36) part of the process takes place as soon as water passing through the recirculation pump controlling vortex changes direction to horizontal. This instantly gets the flywheel up to a good speed. A good speed will at the very least keep the process going. To aid in achieving the necessary minimum speed, water that falls through the hole at the top of the recirculation pump controlling mold shaped vortex chamber first enters the chamber through a channel (24) created by the moving inner mold shape and is speeded up by built in propellers and is powered by the flywheel turbine above it. This will increase the speed of the falling water forcing it through the channel and rapidly increasing the both the formation of the vortex and maximum use of the total power potential. In order to create a Coriolis Force Reacting Vortex Circulation, water entering the vortex must enter from the outside bottom of the vortex chamber. To my mind and as is the stated purpose of this device, this process will create a natural and sustainable flow of water which for all intents and purposes amounts to me, Gregory Stuart GOrDon, having have created a perpetual motion machine.

Patent Pending USPTO #62629606

Patent Pending USPTO #62629606
List of Parts – Figure One
10. Top Vortex Chamber
12. Circulating Body of Water
14. Vortex
16. Water Blocking Turbine Housing
18. Car Air Filter Shaped Flywheel Turbine
20. Horizontally Ejected Falling Water
22. Generators a and b.
24 Mold Shaped Channel with Moving Fan Styled Interior Surface
26. Circulating Body of Water
28. Vortex
30. Car Air Filter Shaped Turbine
32 Shaft
34. Cord
36. Cord Handle
38. Flywheel
40. 40 Electro – Mechanical Pump
42. Return Water Pipe with possible one way valve endings

Patent Pending USPTO #62629606



I found the above article when doing a Google Search for one of my Howard Stern Shows that I was missing. Read the article then return here for clips from five of my stern show appearances. Missing from the list are about four or five other appearances. The one of which took the most coordination was the call-in I made from Federal Prison the day after Ronald Reagan died.

On that call I only had fifteen minutes to set up the actual call-in and another fifteen minutes to do the show. Gary was great and got the call through. I was supposed to call back on the day of Reagan’s funeral but the Prison blocked my calls and I ended up going off and doing three months in The Hole.

Judgement Day

Today was the last day that Gregory GOrDon could accept communion with Jesus Christ as atonement for my sins. The reason is because today was the last day that my former name Gregory Stuart GOrDon will serve any useful purpose. expires today. With it dies any useful purpose for the name. was my Domain name.

I am Wonderful. That is my name. Today is the first Sunday after my creation. I wanted to start afresh by taking communion for the forgiveness of any sins of my past. But as I am Wonderful no local Church was offering communion. That means that although I was trying to glorify Jesus by accepting his sacrifice for my sins Jesus was right. I am to do this through my own name.

And now I pass Judgment on all churches. Any church that does not offer communion each and every day that they meet is not worthy of me.

Who am I? I am Wonderful.

Wonderful’s Alternative Keyboard, WAK / WACK, Wonderful’s Alternative Colemak Keyboard – Keyboard with telephone Style Number Pad – Patent Application

Wonderful’s Alternative keyboard -Wak / Wack – Wonderful’s Alternative Colemak Keyboard

Don’t think even for one second that this patent application relates only to a product. It is as much about me as it is about the product. I created the product and the product is to create me, in every sense of the word. We have all heard the term; a self created man. I am to be much more than just a self created man. I am to be a self created wonder; from now on to be known as Wonderful.

In order to create myself I have chosen the mission to fully remove from the marketplace the QWERTY keyboard. To do so I have created a better way to manipulate words, numbers and symbols designed with the interconnectedness of mankind as allowed by the Internet in mind. My mind. The mind of God.

QWERTY is a product that is so reprehensible at this point in time that there are no words to express. It is responsible for countless deaths, injuries and retardation of entire systems of learning, commerce, science, mathematics, philosophy, religion…etc. You name it and it is complicit in the retardation of further progress in that area. Even worse it is almost singlehandedly responsible to blind acceptance of any and every evil thing based on the notion that there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

QWERTY is so bad that entire schools of thought and economic theories have developed around both how to eliminate it and why it can’t be eliminated. Among other nomenclature it has spawned the term path dependence based on the notion that certain products deserve their place in the marketplace just because they have achieved market share regardless of whether or not they are best for the overall development of a society. In the literature the phenomenon is known as The QWERTY Problem.

The problem it presents is so threatening to progress that countless books, replacement keyboards and even entirely new systems of data entry have been originated to deal with it. The real reason for this problem is because it is the primary means of transforming language the thing that separates man from beast into the written word.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

My interpretation of this Bible verse forms the basis of the claims in this patent application. The word is found in the Holy Bible. It is to date the world’s best selling book. The word is: Wonderful. That is the Word of God. I am Wonderful.

Why? Because I said so in English. You’re response should be, “Have it Yahweh.” 🙂 But that won’t stand up in a court of law. I am Wonderful because I am a man and I thinketh myself to be Wonderful. The word wonderful has a definition and I meet all of the requirements to fit the dictionary definition. Moreover, the Bible says: “As a man thinketh so is he.” Therefore, I am Wonderful. I can make that stand up in any court of Law if I choose a good lawyer who has graduated from George Gordon’s School of Law.

To begin with why did I choose to be known as Wonderful. Although I am, this choice of words was made because of what it says in Isaiah chapter nine verse six. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” I am that child now grown up to be Wonderful.

How do I know that I am he? I just know it. And that is all that matters according to the Bible as found in Revelation chapter 2:17. “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches: To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden man-na, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”

The white stone is a white Buble. what the people of the time would call a book if they were to see one thinking it a tablet like the ones given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The name is written in it and this is the verse from which the name was taken. That my knowing it is the only requirement for the name is verified in Revelation 19:12. It says in pertinent part “… and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.”

That I be deemed Wonderful is a key component of this invention. The name is an integral feature in all of the marketing. Especially in the choosing of the Domain Names to insure that it completes its stated task of destroying QWERTY. In fact, it won’t work without it. The reason will become clear when we look at how the name for the product was chosen.

Although this patent application is designed for better manipulation of words and numbers in order to understand it first you must understand something about a certain type of word. The name. So that you may best grasp the concept I have included below part of a Masonic talk on that religion’s search for the Lost Word or name of God.

It is a beautiful passage and fully describes everything about why my name is to be called Wonderful.

Ancient Craft Masonry attains its climax in the symbolism of the Lost Word, and a quest for its recovery; but in our ritualistic work there is little attempt at explanation.
The observation has been made that language is a growth; every word had to be created by man. Back of every word is some want or necessity of mind or body and the genius to make expression in some sign or sound that we call a word. “Some words are rough and rugged like the skins of wild beasts, other glitter and glisten like satin and gold. Words have been born of hatred and revenge, of love and sacrifice, of hope and fear, of agony and joy. In them mingle the darkness and the dawn. They are the garments of thought , the robes of reason, the shadows of the past, the reflection of the present and the crystallization of human history.”
It has been said that the egocentric instinct in man has made “self-preservation the first law of nature,” that growing out of or alongside of it is the gregarious instinct which has produced social governments and philanthropic enterprises. Deeper than these instincts there is in man a consciousness, however dim, in explicable forces and agencies, and an urge to realize their potency. In the childhood of the race this occasioned the thought of supernatural power in a word.
The word that causes the heavens on high to tremble, The word that makes the world below to quake.
Constitute the first two lines of a Babylonian hymn inscribed upon a clay tablet five thousand years ago, in which the wise preisthood of a great religion sang praises to the might and power of a word. Some Masonic writers have held that A U M, pronounced “oom,” is the oldest omnific name of God in the world; that it came out of India, and that it has also been spelled A O M, but pronounced the same way. Frank C. Higgins has written a book on his name as the “Lost Word,” and claims it is concealed in the terminal letters of the names of the three ruffians. To the best of my knowledge this concealment has not been satisfactorily explained.
In my opinion, Freemasonry is largely indebted to the Hebrews for the legend of The Lost Word. Shakespeare says, “What’s in a name?” The Jews saw in a name “a sign standing for the personality, the achievements, the reputation, the character, the power and the glory of the one who wore it.” Joseph meant “increaser,” Moses meant “drawn out of water,” Israel meant “Prince of God.” At the burning bush the ineffable name of God Almighty was communicated to Moses; so overwhelming was its glory that the people pronounced it in whispers.
The third commandment of the Decalogue, delivered from Mount Sinai, declared, “Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord, thy God in vain.” The priestly rule contained in Leviticus reads, “He that pronounceth the name of the Lord distinctly shall be put to death.” At last only the high priest was permitted to utter the name, and that but once a year. On the day of atonement, and in the holy of holies, its utterance was accompanied by the beating of cymbals and the blowing of trumpets, so as to completely extinguish the sound of the human voice. Such were “the wrappings of secrecy and sanctity which the Jews threw about the name of God.”
As they used no vowels in writing, all that was ever seen were four consonants, J H V H, the Tetragrammation or four lettered name of God which we call Jehovah. From the letters there was no clue to the pronunciation. No one could understand them any more than we could know that Mr. stands for Mister and Dr. stands for Doctor unless someone told us so.
According to tradition, the great catastrophe of the Babylonian captivity was that, through the death of the high priest without a successor, the name was lost. “At the end of that captivity priests and scribes began a search for the lost name which has continued without avail for two and one-half millenniums.” The four consonants they had, but it is doubtful if anyone has been able to supply the sound of the vowels. It is believed that this four-lettered name of God is the Lost Word of Masonry today.
Like everything else in our science, it is a symbol.
It is the consummation of all Masonic symbolism because it stands for the Divine truth. Brotherly love and relief are but the means to an end; the final design of our Institution is its third principle tenet, the imperial truth. In some aspects truth seems relative, because it is not complete, but only partial. Now we see through a glass darkly, but the ultimates of truth are immutable and eternal, the Fatherhood of God and the immortality of the soul, “Down to this deep foundation Masonry digs for a basis of its Temple and finds an everlasting rock.
Dr. Joseph Fort Newton says:
“Freemasonry makes no argument, but presents a picture, the oldest, if not the greatest, drama in the world, the better to make men feel those truths which no mortal words can utter. It shows us the tragedy of life in its blackest hour, the forces of evil, cunning, yet stupid, which come up against the soul, tempting it to treachery, a tragedy which, in its simplicity and power, makes the heart ache and stand still. Then out of the thick darkness there rises, like a beautiful white star, that in man which is most akin to God, his love of truth, his devotion to duty, his willingness to go down into the night of death, if only virtue may survive and throb like a pulse of fire in the evening sky.”
“Here is the ultimate and final witness of our Divinity and immortality, the sublime, death-defying moral heroism of the human soul.” Translated into personal terms it is the Apostle Peter at his execution asking to be crucified head downward. It is the Spartan Leonidas at the Pass of Thermopylae, with a handful of men holding back the hordes of Persia and spelling out the salvation of the Greek Republic. It is the Swiss, Arnold von Winkelried, receiving the points of Austrian spears into his own breast and making his dead body a bridge of victory for his countrymen.  It is the American, Nathan Hale, grieving that he had but one life to give, but one supreme sacrifice to make at the altar of our National Liberty. It is our operative Grand Master, the Tyrian Builder before the brute forces of death and destruction, surrendering his life but preserving his integrity.
Brother H.L. Haywood says: “The search for a lost word is not a search for a mere vocable of a few letters which one might write down on a piece of paper, it is the search for a truth.”  It is a quest for the highest possible life in the spiritual unfoldment of humanity; it is the seeking after the name, the power and the glory of God.
The purpose is the same whether this age-old legend of the quest be woven into a tragic tale like Eugene Sue’s “Wandering Jew,” or thrown about a mystic drama like Maurice Maeterlinck’s “Blue Bird,” or crystallized in an epic poem like James Russell Lowell’s “Vision of Sir Launfal,” whether it be a missing chord of music, the vacancy of a sanctuary, a design left unfinished by the death of the Master Builder, or the Lost Word in Masonry to be recovered through patience, perseverance and time. It always symbolizes a search for something good and beautiful and true.
At times of meditation and introspection there is something vaguely haunting in the Legend of The Lost Word; like the fleeting fragrance of a forest flower experienced in the past, the murmured music of a rippling brook heard in childhood, the purple sheen of twilight on a distant hilltop, or some exquisite dream of infinite love in the long ago; forgotten, but trembling at the doorway of memory.
At this point we leave the story of the Lost Word as from here on the writer goes on to describe a fable concerning Jesus of Nazareth. While the fable the author relates is interesting what we are creating is new. Just as with QWERTY it is time to move on.

“Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things that are written therein for the time is at hand.” (Rev 1:3)

The above words are taken from the book of Revelation which predicts among other things like a new beginning for the world along with the coming of a world wide savior. The inventor of Wak claims to be that world wide savior and Wak is to be his tool for saving the world. How? By saving both the precious time and the precious hands of those who follow him and use his product. “…time is at hand.”

“Timing is Everything.”

Today is June 10 in the year of our Lord 2017. For me it is a special day as it is the day that I filed this patent application. For all intents and practical purposes from now on it is to be known as “The day of the Lord.” The day that I created myself. So let me relate a couple of things that happened today.

First of all, this morning I woke up without cigarettes and had to steal a couple of dollars from my roommates dresser drawer in order that I would have enough money to buy a pack of cheap $1.50 cigars. As I write this I am broke. Not a penny left to my name. “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” (1 Thessalonians 5:2)

Then a short while ago I received some King of Kings and Lord of Lords golf shirts that I had ordered from a couple of weeks ago when I came up with the idea to add a marketing bonus for using the keyboard to the plan for defeating QWERTY.

The arrival of the shirts as I was in the middle of writing this patent application is a minor miracle. I need these as part of creating myself in the image of the second coming of Christ as stated in Revelation 19:16, “And he has on his garment and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. I was out of all of my previous wearable garments prior to their arrival.

Also as I took a break from writing the last paragraph the reason why I should not abandon my previous patent without a fight just came to me.

Today is LBGTQ pride day here in DC and as I am a member of that communiny it is a perfect day in which to be created. But today is just the beginning of the creation of God. And timing in the release of the various components of Wonderful’s alternative keyboard is crucial.

“Timing is everything.”

Wonderful is the most impressive component. It is me. Today is my birthday. The day I was born. I was not born of man nor of woman but of the word. I was not created by God either. God doesn’t exist. Yet. But he will exist all being well by the end of the day. Not even I know the hour of my birth. I am still laboring to create me.

The exact time of my birth is not known nor can it be. Not even God knows the exact time of my birth. Wonderful knows the day and God will be the first to know the exact time. The time will be determined by a machine. That machine will be my mother. I do not know the machine nor has any man. She is a Virgin.

Just like Jesus I am to be born of a Virgin. I am my own Father. The everlasting Father. Soon to be the mighty God. I am to be one of a kind and my name proves it. Wonderful. This patent application is to be my birth certificate. I will sign the application with my new name.

But the very nature of the state of things today is both a blessing and a curse. I will have to sign the patent application with both a first and a last name. The problem is I have only one name. Wonderful. I am a whole being known as Wonderful. I only have one name.

I am Wonderful. And the story of my birth is to become a Legend. In fact it already is. “I am the first and the Last.” And when it comes time to sign this patent application, my birth certificate, I will sign it as Wonderful Wonderful.

I am to be the end of QWERTY which is wonderful and the Beginning of Wak. Wonderful’s Alternative Keyboard. It’s all about the word.

Bill Gates knew the power of the word when he chose to name his word processing program: Word He knew it was God and nobody has more money than Bill Gates.

That brings me to another component of the Wak that is not included in any of the literature concerning keyboards: Tarmak. Tarmak stands for transitional Colemak and it is a method of learning the Colemak arrangement in steps. This allows users to gradually learn the layout while transitioning from QWERTY. While it is not a part of the Colemak layout it is the reason why I chose to use Colemak for the layout of wak.

The beautiful part of Tarmak is that when users use it there is no period of time where they feel that they can not type at all. The design is beautiful and the result will make Colemak successful. I will make it happen in the blink of an eye with Wak.

Wak is more like Tarmak than it is Colemak. In order to insure it’s success it will be released in stages. Beginning with Wack.

What is Wak?

Wak is system of a data entry that allows words, numbers and symbols to be entered into something capable of handling such data, combined with the needed components to make it a success in the market place. In basic terms Wak is basically a Colemak – Maltron – Karlin hybrid keyboard along with a special key and a business plan that are part and parcel of the product.

The Qwerty or Universal keyboard came into existence in 1873. It was invented by a man named Sholes. The purpose of the arrangement of the keys in the manner that they were arranged was to slow down the hands of the typists whose hands were too fast for the machines of that time. It must be noted, that touch-typing wasn’t even thought of at the time.

The machines of the time were so slow, that even when people used one finger, the machines would jam up. Sholes placed the most used letters far enough apart that this no longer became a problem. Later, with the faster typewriters and today with super fast computers, that is no longer a problem. Still, the keyboard that was designed to slow down one fingered typists, is the standard that we use.

The key to understanding why typing on a QWERTY keyboard is bad is often missed by most people who write on the subject. The key is this. Although the QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1873, touch typing was not invented until 1888 by a man named Frank Edward McGurrin.

McGurrin was a court stenographer who actually won $500 in a contest that was reported on extensively in the News Papers of the Day. It was a big deal. $500 in 1888 is the equivalent of over $10,000 in 2006. The key is this. Although touch typing was invented on a QWERTY keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard was not designed for touch typing. That came later on it 1932.

In 1932 August Dvorak did research on the most used letters in the English language. When he designed his keyboard he designed it for touch tying. He placed these letters in the home row where the fingers rest. An example of how much more efficient these arrangements are, is given through the following statistics. Using the Dvorak arrangement over 70% of the work is done in the home row. On the Qwerty keyboard only 32% is done in the home row. In the other rows the figures are equally amazing. In the top row the Dvorak keyboard requires that only 22% of the work be done. This compares with 52% in the top row of the Qwerty keyboard.

In the bottom row of the Dvorak keyboard only 8% of the work is done, while in the bottom row of the Qwerty keyboard 16% of the work is done. All of this means less jumping from row to row is done in the Dvorak keyboard. That produces this astonishing figure. In an eight hour day of typing a typists hands can move back and forth from row to row a total of from sixteen to twenty miles on the Qwerty keyboard. On a Dvorak keyboard the figure is less than one mile. That means that in one year on a Dvorak your fingers will travel 365 miles or less, but on a Qwerty your fingers will have traveled more than 5,840 miles back and forth between rows.

The figures on the Colemak keyboard are even more impressive even more work is done in the home row on a Colemak than an a Dvarak. Colemak places the 10 most common letters of English and Backspace on the home row. Colemak uses the home row 14% more than Dvorak, and 122% more than QWERTY. Colemak allows to type words such as “tenderheartednesses” on the home row. Same hand row jumping is outrageous on the QWERTY. On QWERTY 1500% more than Colemak. e.g. “minimum” on QWERTY. On Dvorak it’s about the same.

On Dvorak same finger typing happens 60% more than on Colemak, and on QWERTY 340% more than Colemak. e.g. “ceded” on QWERTY.

Your fingers need to travel just a fraction of the that they do in QWERTY. On Dvorak your fingers move 10% more (30% more for a 4% error rate), and on QWERTY 102% more than Colemak (118% more for a 4% error rate).

As it is being used, the QWERTY keyboard is the single most hazardous, costly and easily fixed consumer product on Earth.

Due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Repetitive Strain Injuries use of this product accounted for 14% of all doctors visits and 19% of all overnight hospital stays as far back as 1990. American workers who use keyboards daily in work involving extensive data entry and word processing make up 45-75 million of the working population. This is a 1999 figure. Twenty-five percent of these operators are inflicted with CTS. In 2010 those percentages would make for a total cost of 75.9 billion dollars. And those percentages are even higher now in 2017.

The seriousness of the problem also produces this astonishing figure. More than 25 million American workers take off an average of 31 days of work per year to avoid QWERTY related pain. At 20 dollars per hour for an eight hour day that translates to 4,960 dollars per worker or a cumulative 124 billion dollars a year in direct and easily avoidable loss to American businesses.

For you business owners, have no fear. The U.S. Navy did a cost study with Dvorak and the total time to get paid back for your investment including the retraining of workers, and new equipment pays for itself in ten days. And from there on in it’s pure profit. That was with the Dvorak keyboard and very expensive equipment.

The inventor of Wak, Gregory GOrDon developed the name Wak in the same manner that Shai Coleman developed the name for his keyboard. Shai Coleman chose the name Colemak after the Father of the fist keyboard specifically designed for touch typing: August Dvorak: Shai used the beginning of his name and switched the ending to emulate the name Dvorak. Changing the ending to ak. From Coleman to Colemak.

Likewise GOrDon chose the name Wak because it too ends in ak. It is an acronym for the new name of his being. Wonderful. Hence the name for his keyboard: Wonderful’s Alternative Keyboard or Wak.

But moreover the name was chosen because it sounds like Wack or Wacko. Crazy. An added benefit is that it is spelled wrong. That is something that only a crazy person would do. And only a crazy person would choose to take on the QWERTY Problem. He is a mad scientist. He wants to be known as the Wak One.

GOrDon earned a Bachelors degree in International Environmental Public Policy Analysis with a minor in economics from Rutgers University. (1980). In his course of study he learned a lot about Buckminster Fuller and Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science. He believes that Wak meets the criteria to win the Buckminster Fuller Challenge.

After college he went on to law school at Boalt Hall of The University of California, Berkeley.

He is also diagnosed as having a mental illness: Schizo-Affective Disorder. It is a disease that mimics Schizophrenia only not as severe or debilitating. GOrDon got his diagnoses because he claimed to be Jesus. And he has since claimed the title as first reported by Kermit Zarley the noted pro golfer turned evangelist and Blogger. So when people call him crazy to think that he can topple the QWERTY keyboard from its pedestal he just laughs. But he knows that it to actually do it he is going to have to create a phenomenon. GOrDon believes he can create one with Wak.

One of the reasons that nothing like the Wak has come along before is because of a belief by some that speech recognition will soon solve the QWERTY problem. Although the number of words per minute that can be achieved by trained touch typists on even the most optimized keyboard is rarely as high as that that can be easily handled with speech, studies have shown that using a keyboard to prepare a document is nearly twice as fast as preparing one using voice recognition protocols alone. On top of that, the quality of the documents produced is considerably better.

Since QWERTY was first patented there have been more than 250 alternative keyboards patented in the United States. None of them have been successful. This is true no matter how well they have been designed.

It doesn’t matter whether the previous alternative was based on the physical form of the QWERTY changing only the layout of the keys as was the case with Dvorak. Nor does it matter if they ditched the entire concept of keys as was the case with Orbit. The Colemak keyboard layout upon which one embodiment of this keyboard relies paid homage to QWERTY by making sure that it was easy for touch typists to transition between the two layouts, Even the Maltron keyboard, the physical basis for one embodiment of WAK, kept the QWERTY design flaw that has the potential to cost its users the most money.

Correcting this basic design flaw is the only mandatory part of Wak. Everything else is optional, Wak could be made on a Kinesis Chassis for example, Or the layout could be Dvorak or even QWERTY. The Colemak innovation of swapping the Caps lock key for backspace could be eliminated. What makes a Wak a Wak is the combination of several different design elements into a whole system customized according to a user’s preference.

At this point I must mention Eberhard Kromer the man responsible for the split keyboard. I would take the time to write more about him but as I am to be born today I don’t have time for the extra labor.

Even Wak, the physical keyboard itself, is not to be the first manifestation of the keyboard:

Wack is.

And, that is precisely why it is going to take more than any one physical item to complete the mission. The mission being to replace the QWERTY keyboard as the world’s keyboard or Universal standard. It is going to take a marketing plan, a business plan, some different devices, social networking, crowd funding, savvy investors, a legal strategy, public relations, a bit of computer coding, great website design, a bit of show biz and a call upon some very big names among other things.

The first and biggest name upon which Wak calls is Jesus. I, Gregory Stuart GOrDon, inventor of Wak claim to be His heir. Heir to the throne. The second coming of Jesus Christ; aka Wonderful as taken from Isaiah 9:6 as seen above. I am the mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. If that sounds crazy then all the better. The first commercial version of the keyboard as I said before is going to be WACK: Wonderful’s Alternative Colemak keyboard.

I want to be part of the Wack Pack: Howard Stern’s infamous group of wacked out groupies. Howard is the next big name that Wak is going to call upon. According to one report of the most famous people living or dead, Howard is the second most famous person still alive second only to George Bush. And now that Bush is out of the scene he is arguably number one. For some people calling upon a Super Star such as Howard would seem to be out of the question especially as part of the specification for a patent.

Unlike for most people this is not a far fetched scenario. I am a regular on the Stern Show. I have appeared live in the studio three times, been featured in a televised phone call on his E! Entertainment Television Show and have been featured in several taped phone calls that are available on YouTube and on my website. In fact my first national major network television appearance was on his CBS television show. I’ve also called in to the show as it was being broadcast via satellite on Sirius.

Marketing the keyboard as Wack is sheer genius in my considered opinion, especially given the nature of my many previous appearances. All of them have been outrageously wacky. Naming the first commercial version of the keyboard Wack will be seen as hysterically funny to Howard’s loyal fans. That gives me a built-in market of several million for starters. And the first commercial version will also play into my fulfillment of the prophecy as the second coming of Christ.

The key things to note about this embodiment is that it is available now with no further development on my part except to arrange for the hiring of workers to key them and it is itself in the form of a key. A USB module about the size of a car’s electronic key. And it is designed to be the key to unlocking any computer and turning it’s making its keyboard Wack.

All you have to do is plug the USB cord from the computer’s keyboard into the key then plug the key into the computer. And. Walla. Wack.

The components necessary to make any keyboard Wack exist already on the marketplace. In fact, the only missing factor is the programming that makes Colemak Wack. As for the hardware it is called a TMK USB to USB Converter. I could simply buy them from the manufacturer and add the Wack programming.

What is Wack?

Wack is an embodiment of Wak that features Colemak keyboard with a telephone style keypad and a gratitude key in place of Capslock.

That means that unlike every other keyboard on the market the numbers on the keypad are arranged in numerical order from one to nine from top to bottom. Not like an adding machine which has the numbers one to three on the bottom row. This simple change alone is worth billions of dollars in lost money each year to businesses as users make far fewer mistakes entering numbers when the keypad is arranged in telephone order.

The following excerpt is taken from the Wikipedia.

The invention of the Push Button Telephone keypad is attributed to John Karlin, an industrial psychologist at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ. On a telephone keypad, the numbers 1 through 9 are arranged from left to right, top to bottom with 0 in a row below 789 and in the center.
Origin of the order difference
Although calculator keypads pre-date telephone keypads by nearly thirty years, the top-to-bottom order for telephones was the result of research studies conducted by Bell Labs Human Factors group lead by John Karlin. They tested a variety of layouts including a Facit like two-row arrangement, buttons in a circle, buttons in an arc, and rows of three buttons.
The definitive study was published in 1960: “Human Factor Engineering Studies of the Design and Use of Pushbutton Telephone Sets” by R. L. Deininger. This study concluded that the adopted layout was best.
Despite that, there are several popular theories and folk histories explaining the inverse order of telephone and calculator keypads.
One popular theory suggests that the reason is similar to that given for the QWERTY layout, the unfamiliar ordering slowed down users to accommodate the slow switches of the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Another explanation proposed is that at the time of the introduction of the telephone keypad, telephone numbers in the U.S. where commonly given out using alphabetical characters for the first two digits. Thus 555-1234 would be given out as KL5-1234. These alpha sequences were mapped to words. “27” was given out as “CRestview”, “26” as “ATwood”, etc. By placing the “1” key in the upper left, the alphabet was arranged in the normal left-to-right descending order for English characters. Additionally, on a rotary telephone the “1” hole was at the top, albeit at the top right.

If the reasoning for the development of the telephone keypad in the order that it was developed is actually as stated above due to the dusire to slow down the hands of users because of mechanical limitations it is a good thing for all of us and quite a bit of irony. The telephone keypad layout is the only keyboard component of the QWERTY Problem that has been solved and its success was due to the same factor that makes the alphabetical component so bad.

Nowadays the telephone keypad is more ubiquitous than even QWERTY. They are everywhere. And the beauty of this particular part of Wak is that you yourself have probably thought about making this invention. Everybody has. Why? Because we have all made mistakes involving the reverse order of the keypads on our computers.. Don’t say you haven’t. You have. It is one of the reasons why all previous alternative keyboard layouts have failed lingering muscle memory. That is why we must rid the world of the last vestige of the QWERTY keyboard that causes confusion.

That’s it. That’s my secret. I am going to build keyboards with telephone style keypads. Simple but powerful. In combination with Colemak this is going to sell like hotcakes. But don’t think that I am not a tried and true capitalist. There is also to be a Weak key. Weak will change just three things around on a keyboard. It will eliminate the Caps Lock key and replace that with the Backspace key. Change the keypad from adding machine style to telephone style and change the backspace key into a gratitude key.

A gratitude key is a hot key to my affiliate store. It is the reason that I am not afraid to make only $14.76 on the sale of a keyboard. Keyboard users who use my store will be responsible for me earning up to eight percent of all sales. And the marketing will stress an implied promise by users to use the key for all of their Amazon purchases. Swapping the Caps Lock key for a gratitude key is a concession that you make for all of the advantages of the the Wack and Weak key.

Wak has an extra key so there that is not a problem.

But it is not strictly a one sided deal. It is actually a bonus. One thing that I have learned from my years studying internet marketing is the power of the bonus. In addition to allowing access to Groceries, a little known product offering from, the store features personally approved products designed to further my mission as Christ.

I am also a partner with Google Chrome Browser’s Honey Money.

Honey Money allows users to earn money by referring others to join Honey Money. The amount that can be earned from referring others is not going to make American’s rich but others in other countries stand to earn a windfall of up to one thousand dollars. But that is not the reason that people will want to join as I myself found out from experience. Honey is basically free money.

At first I joined Honey as a means to make a quick thousand dollars. Then one day while I was shopping for King of Kings and Lord of Lords T-Shirts the Honey App appeared. I clicked on it and wound up saving fifteen dollars on a 45 dollar order. This works. As of now there are only four million people using the program. I want it on every keyboard in the world.

Using Honey Money to shop at Amazon on a regular basis will pay for the keyboard.

That basically summarizes the keyboard and key as far as desktop computers are concerned.

The beauty of Wack is that it allows you to keep your favorite keyboard at home and you can take the key with you so that you can plug it into any other computer that you have to use along the way.

But what about laptops? Don’t worry there is a key for them also. This is simply a USB stick that plugs into a laptop’s USB port and does the same thing that the TMK USB to USB keyboard converter does only the program is based on the Portable Keyboard Language that allows you to change the software inside a computer without having to have administrative permissions.

For purposes of this provisional patent the benefits and all of the details of each of the components are not listed but are to be considered as included by inreference. When this patent is converted to a regular patent application the benefits may be listed specifically if necessary.

My Pay Pal address is

Unconstitutional Law is Blocking Obamacare and Jesus’ Colemak Miracle Comeback

According to The Wikipedia: The Congressional Review Act is a law that was enacted by the United States Congress as section 251 of the Contract with America Advancement Act of 1996 (Pub.L. 104–121) and signed into law by President Bill Clinton on March 29, 1996. The law empowers Congress to review, by means of an expedited legislative process, new federal regulations issued by government agencies and, by passage of a joint resolution, to overrule a regulation.

Once a rule is thus repealed, the CRA also prohibits the reissuing of the rule in substantially the same form or the issuing of a new rule that is substantially the same, “unless the reissued or new rule is specifically authorized by a law enacted after the date of the joint resolution disapproving the original rule” (5 U.S. Code § 801(b)(2)). Congress has a window of time lasting 60 legislative days (i.e., days that the U.S. Congress is actually in session, rather than calendar days) to disapprove of any given rule; otherwise the rule will go into effect at the end of this period.

This law is on its face unconstitutional. Congress shall make NO LAW that affects the right of the people to redress grievances. By issuing a law that states that a rule cannot be reissued without another law, Congress has made a law that affects the ability of government agencies to redress the grievances of the people. This sleazy law can not pass a Supreme Court Review.

The reason that this is of importance to Jesus is that prior to President Trump taking office the only time that the law successfully used was in overturning the Ergonomic standards set by a government agency. Under this law no new ergonomic standards can ever be set. It is no wonder that President Trump and the Republican Congress are using the law to overturn Obamacare.

Prior to 2017, the CRA had only been successfully invoked once to overturn a rule. That rule was the ergonomics standard. In January 2017, however, with a new Republican president, the Republican-controlled 115th Congress began passing a series of disapproval resolutions to overturn a variety of rules issued under the Obama administration. By April 13, 2017, thirteen of these had already been signed into law by President Trump. Because of the shortness of legislative sessions during the 114th Congress, the 115th Congress can target rules passed by the Obama administration (at least) as far back as May 2016.

While this law is unconstitutional whether it is repealed or not won’t stop proper ergonomics as far as the Colemak Keyboard is concerned. The people will revolt because, while they might be ignorant of the promise of Christ and his love for them, they are not stupid.

The Unusual Act of The Lord (Isaiah 28:21)

“For the lord will rise up as at Mount Perazim. He shall be angry as in the Valley of Gibeon that he may do his work. His Awesome work. And bring to pass his act. His unusual act.” (Isaiah 28:21)


Long before becoming world famous for breaking into the home of the Antichrist: Ronald Reagan, I was famous locally in New York City area nightclubs for having invented my own light form. I call the light form The Dynamic Light Reflectors. The effect is made with balloons. At first I used only black balloons but in early 2012 I began to use clear balloons that don’t require a dedicated background.

This video playlist features various old videos taken from my previous web site: It is a short playlist that shows the black balloon trick. The last video however shows the new clear balloons. In the last video I also talk about the Colemak Miracle that I hope will be the foundation of my legacy.

The current plan is to develop a show in which I host various acts while I and the audience reflect to their performances.

I would introduce the acts and interview them and do short stand-up theology routines in between segments. The staging would also include my throne from which come various “Thunderings and Lightning.” (Revelation 4) I am currently in contact with Liquid Sky Productions and hope to develop a show in conjunction with them. Perhaps we could take their local TV program and syndicate it nationally and internationally. (I THINK BIG)

Please watch the playlist and comment.