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While this page is intended for members of the media, all are welcome.
We are all members of the Media Now.
No blog is too small no media outlet too big.

In the song: “What if God was one of us” the artist asks the question. If you could ask only one question, what would it be? I’d like to know. I am the Son of man. Go ahead ask me.

As such I encourage anyone with a question to ask it below in the comments. I will respond to as many as I can. Also feel free to call me. The number above is my permanent Skype Phone. It goes with me where I go. By the time it becomes too much for me to handle I will have the resources to have my calls handled for me. So go ahead call.

For members of the traditional media below are some of my past press releases. I will add fact sheets, questions and answers ect. as needed.