Reagan: Anti-Christ

“Old age and treachery beat youth and skill every time”
THE GREAT COMMUNICATOR’s not so great, greatest quote.

In case you have never heard the song “they’re coming to take me away Ha Ha.” I’ve Posted it for you to hear below:

This is the self-told account of the second coming of Christ, Gregory GOrDon and his battle against the anti-Christ; Ronald Reagan former 40th president of the United States of America. In his account GOrDon puts forth all of the signs pointing to himself as Christ and Reagan as the anti-Christ as well as his plans for saving the world. GOrDon’s battle against Reagan included numerous threats and garnered world-wide attention when GOrDon broke into Reagan’s Bel-Air California retirement home.

It culminated when GOrDon sent a request to join Shock Jock, Howard Stern’s Ronald Reagan Death Betting Pool. Reagan died that very weekend. Written mostly in the first person this story is a glimpse into the self-fulfillment of prophecy as all prophecy is self-fulfilling and fulfilled by someone knowingly. GOrDon presents over 45 different omens pointing to his conclusions and presents a detailed blow by blow description of his actions.

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy,
and keep those things which are written therein:
for the time is at hand.”
(Revelation 1:3)

Ronald Reagan Antichrist Book Cover

Ronald Reagan Anti-Christ – Read the book for free!

Here is one man’s review of the book:

I actually read this book. And actually, it is well written. It flows logically and is very insiteful. I have been a Christian for 14 yrs and find eschatology and interesting topic (end time prophesy) and have studied it intensly thinking myself as a lay scholar on the subjuct and quite knowledgeable at that. This is actaully a good book, but not for the reason that the author might think. I have never seen such a well written documentation of well, crazy, ever.

It is put forth so ligicaly, soundly and convincingly. But you still know this is all crazy talk so it is extreemly compelling. If this were written in the first person, being from the point of view of a deranged character I would consider it a work of a genius. And also, I have heard some great end time interpretations from ordained ministers that are almost as crazy, almost. As it is this book is a lesson on the inner workings of the mind and how a strange thought in one person can build into a whole belief system, documented point by point in crystal clarity.

I would even recommend getting this book because from that perespective, the perspective of the voyuer into anothers mind, it is fascinatiing. It should become required reading for cult busters and the psychiatric community as a whole. And to the author. Don’t give this book away for free. As a free critique, this is all I can offer if you want this added to you title.” Harry Daniels author of “As Christ Was”

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In the first interview in the video playlist above a caller called into the Howard Stern Show and accused me of giving mentally ill people a bad name. Actually I have nothing but love for the mentally ill. I have been shunted off to mental hospital scores of times in order to protect Ronald Reagan’s name. I am not now nor have I ever been insane. But, by being forced into hospitals so often I learned how to get out fast. The booklet below shares my experiences with others who have been sent to the hospital and tells them how to get out.

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