Should George W. Bush and Dick Cheney hang for Treason for Instituting an Alternate Line of Succession to the Presidency?

As in the public record but not common knowledge, President George W. Bush instituted an alternate line of succession to the presidency of The United States while he was in office. What does that mean? Do we now have a monarchy? Without public debate on the issue, it could mean anything. Is president Trump even really the president? Was Obama?

More little known facts. On July 8, 2001, a little more than a month before 9/11, Time magazine ran an article which stated that after the Senate had ratified the Biological Weapons Treaty, George W. Bush, refused to sign it for reasons of business considerations. Then he had the nerve to shout about those very same weapons being used by Saddam Hussein as weapons of mass destruction. Saddam probably had them and Bush knew it because we probably sold them to him.

It gets worse. To the best of my knowledge The United States is under a judgement from The World Court for public corruption. This was reported by two men named Blake and Hancock, if I am not mistaken. There was to be military action to cease back our government. Under? Obama. Only the wrong side won.

The president is supposed to protect the constitution not directly change its very provisions. In my opinion those responsible for this shit should hang.

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