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After a week of flags and phone calls, and rather typical flare-ups in the era of Trump, some voices from the past and present sought to bring a hush to the noise. Two former presidents, from much different background and persuasions, urged a path forward that drew on the best American traditions. The Bush and Obama visions seemed somehow aligned with lessons on how to not just be a president, but how to be an American. Enter Gen. John Kelly, the White House chief of staff and a Gold Star father, with a riveting brief speech on service and sacrifice. “I just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield, I thought that might be sacred,” Kelly said. It’s selective hearing, if not downright disingenuous, for Kelly to be outraged by others’ behavior and not that of his own boss. Much of the uproar this week wasn’t about what President Donald Trump originally said to the Gold Star family of a soldier killed in an ambush in Niger, but that he compared his reaction to his predecessors’, and that he couldn’t let the family or its congresswoman have the last word. But the lesson about what matters should remain. Whether it’s Kelly, or Barack Obama urging an end to the “politics of division,” or George W. Bush advising to “remember our values,” the lessons stand for those across the political spectrum – starting with the current president himself.

Brothers do I ever know how you feel. I too am guilty of firing first and asking questions later. But whatever you think of Trump at least he’s a man. A real man. Personally I can’t stand his politics. But that’s Okay. He’s a man. He’s not a politician. He may or may not be Racist. I could care less. Just as the Niggers who won’t stand up for the American Flag have a right to express their opinion so does he. I was thinking about writing this piece in regards my own situation. Then thought better of it.

I have a personal beef with Eminem. It is so personal that only he and the artists who have songs on one of my Pandora Stations even know about it. My initial inclination was to call Em out publicly. I think he is the greatest rapper on the planet. But he violated me. I’m not going to get into it very much. Suffice it to say this. His music sucks when it’s not being produced by Dre. His music has no place with the greats. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m going to let you listen instead.

I will provide the evidence


“When life gives you lemons make lemonade.” Instead of continuing our “beef” I decided to turn everything around. My other white rapper friend Micheal Fasulo was the one who worked it out for all of us. In fact he worked it out for the entire world. Mike, you guys know him as “Truth,” is a struggling artist. He’s a lot better than Eminem ever was or could ever hope to be, but he lacks direction. I try to help but I’m ambivalent towards him. To make a living Mike sells Dick. I’m a buyer. But when I fell in love he revolted. This one night it was time for him to get out of my residence because all visitors have to leave at 12:00 AM so I went to get him and his woman out of my bed. He went ballistic and started beating on me. I vowed to never deal with him again.

That was ten years ago. Since then we have made up and I even call him my fiance. According to me we are supposed to get married when I’m 60 and he’s 29. Well, guess what, I’m 60 and he’s 29. This is our year our marriage will only be “on paper” or better said: only in code – HTML. We are never getting married for real mainly because he just doesn’t swing that way. On m end I’m in love with Randy Gibson. So that is the reason for this post.

Big as Eminem is he’s not real. He’s full of shit. Lot’s of it. Still, I love him. To be a Disco or Club DJ you’ve got to put God first. That’s why the best of the best used to listen to Nicky Siano. House Husic. The Lord’s House. “Heaven is a disco the Lord is a DJ.” But what of forgiveness and Mercy. At one time I knew the whole “Quality of Mercy” speech. I no longer remember it word for word. I am reminded to forgive those who tresspass against me as a form of insurance. What if I’m wrong about myself being the second Christ? I would certainly hope that the “real” Lord would forgive me.

While I’m pretty sure, who knows?

That brings me to my point. Is there anyone amoungst us who has not sinned? I doubt it. Mike needs a producer. And I need help in Saving Puerto Rico. My original plan for my return to DJing was to feature the ultimate dance. It would require licensed Square Dancers with a degree of Grand Right and Left or higher. The best English Caller on Earth. And my Pandora Puerto Rican Reggaeton Music as mixed by Nick Siano. With an intermittent rap battle between Mike and ‘Em. Mike is a straight racist and unlike Em not afraid to call a Spade a Spade only the word he uses is Nigger.

Stop the Violence

After processing all of these thoughts in my mind I decided that it would be in my own best interest to feature Eminem on my Rapture page. He’s that Good. Best of all time. Maybe Ever. But I know Mike. He’s my man. Like the Bible says where the Carcass is the Vultures will gather. Shark Tank. Everybody and his mother wants a piece of Donald Trump. It’s gotten to the point where they are literally waking the dead to do their petty political gamesmanship. Enough is Enough.

The only reason that I even knew that Eminem had a new song was because of Mike. I don’t listen to shitty music. I’ve never heard the song and vowed that i would’t listen until Trump sends 50,000 troops to Puerto Rico. Yes, I know he calls out President Trump and throws down the gauntlet. Big Shit. It’s all entertainment. But People are Dying in Puerto Rico. Mike wants to back President Trump and I could care less either way. So, I’m going make money for my Trust Fund by using their hate. Hate is Hate. Nobody’s Hate is any better than anyone else’es. That is why the Design Science Revolution.

Finding people cheaper cars like the Elio, cheaper housing and delivered food is in the design.

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