The Cunt Coup or Why Nancy Pelosi should be removed from office

As the story goes Nancy Pelosi rejected President Trump’s first offered date for The State of the Union address stating that it is an institution that is out of date. YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING BITCH NANCY PELOSI. That is precicely why the Bible says that women should not lead. And you Pelosi should hang for Treason.

Let me state my qualifications.

In high school I was part of the New Jersey institute of political and legal education. 25 high schools from acros the state participted. In institute classes we are taught thing like how to write bills and get them through committee. Each year the institute holds a Model Congress when students from across the state travel to a campus to engage in Entering and passing bills through both the House and Senate. To make a long story short in my Junior year I won the award for best reprentative and in my senior year I won the Chairmanship competion aznd became Speaker of the House and Student Director of that years Model Congress.

As a student of how the Government of the United States works this I know for a fact. The State of the Union Address is the most revered part of our government And the date on which it is to be given is set forth in the Constitution. It is such a treasured inststution that I am willing to bet that it has never been missed until this stinking bitch took over. BITCH you don’t run shit. God does.

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