The Unusual Act of The Lord (Isaiah 28:21)

“For the lord will rise up as at Mount Perazim. He shall be angry as in the Valley of Gibeon that he may do his work. His Awesome work. And bring to pass his act. His unusual act.” (Isaiah 28:21)


Long before becoming world famous for breaking into the home of the Antichrist: Ronald Reagan, I was famous locally in New York City area nightclubs for having invented my own light form. I call the light form The Dynamic Light Reflectors. The effect is made with balloons. At first I used only black balloons but in early 2012 I began to use clear balloons that don’t require a dedicated background.

This video playlist features various old videos taken from my previous web site: It is a short playlist that shows the black balloon trick. The last video however shows the new clear balloons. In the last video I also talk about the Colemak Miracle that I hope will be the foundation of my legacy.

The current plan is to develop a show in which I host various acts while I and the audience reflect to their performances.

I would introduce the acts and interview them and do short stand-up theology routines in between segments. The staging would also include my throne from which come various “Thunderings and Lightning.” (Revelation 4) I am currently in contact with Liquid Sky Productions and hope to develop a show in conjunction with them. Perhaps we could take their local TV program and syndicate it nationally and internationally. (I THINK BIG)

Please watch the playlist and comment.

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