Your drugs ain’t better than mine, one upmanship and the real drug problem facing America today

Let’s face it all American’s are addicted to something. If it’s not Starbuck’s coffee it’s heroin or any of a thousand middle of the road drugs. Did you know for example some people are addicted to Coca-Cola. And of all of the drugs to get addicted to Coca-Cola is the worst. You have to Piss Rocks or kidney stones. All I’m trying to say is the only real way to get a handle on the situation is to legalize and regulate all drugs. Case in point the K-2 situation. The government is complict in the death of thousands of people. The K-2 sitution is caused because marijuana is still illegal in some states. The truth of the matter is that compared to K-2 marijuana sucks ass. But if you piss positive for marijuana you will violate your probation. What is a Wigger to do? K-2 however is dangerous if you don’t have 1). Real Skuby Snaks and 2). Realize that just like any prescription drup you can overdose. Regulation, Taxation and Moderation combined together with legalization and a caveat emptor attitude is the only solution to the problem.

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